How to clean skin pores

How to clean skin pores
The pores of the skin are clogged not only by dirt, but they also contain dead skin and epithelium, as well as fat. Skin color becomes grayish, there are various kinds of eruptions, which worsen the appearance. But with regular and proper care of yourself these problems can be avoided.

Twice a day, wash your face with a special facial that cleanses the pores deeply, preferably it contains menthol. So you will not only cleanse the skin, but also narrow the pores. With the constant use of such cosmetics, the skin surface is leveled, the face will acquire a fresh and healthy appearance. Do not forget to use a special tonic after washing.

Handle the skin with a scrub – this will promote its renewal and removal of the dead epithelium. The procedure is 2-3 once a week, focusing on the type of skin. For example, for owners of dry skin, the best option is to use scrub once a week, and who has a fat one every other day.

Раз в неделю делайте маски из глины. Растворяйте ее в теплой воде, а полученную смесь наносите на лицо на 15 минут. После чего умывайтесь водой и наносите увлажняющий крем. Глина вытягивает загрязнение из пор.

Not bad cleanses the pores mixture of small-salt and soda in equal proportions. If you have oily skin, then add a few drops of lemon juice. On the damp skin, apply the mixture and lightly massage. Perhaps, this tool is in no way inferior to facial scrub.

If you have highly visible pores, then buy a microdermabrasion tool that can be used in Home conditions. Use it as written in the instructions. To conduct procedures with this facility is desirable in autumn or early spring. If you did not find a in stores, contact a beautician. You will be given a procedure purification of pores in the cabin.

Cleanse the skin regularly, and not occasionally. It's easier to prevent the problem than to remove it later. In the summer, you can carry out cleaning procedures more often, but in wintertime, 1 times a week is enough.

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