How to clean silver from black at home

How to clean silver from black at home
Silver jewelry is popular with men and women, silver is used in the household and as a decoration. It is known that this metal darkens with time, but the situation can be corrected. How to clean silver from black at home, knows not everyone, despite the fact that there are many simple ways.


Why does silver turn black?

Before you learn how to clean silver from blacknesses in the household conditions, it is necessary to understand why this is happening.

Often the oxidation process occurs because of the high humidity in the room, in contact with the skin, especially during the hot season with increased sweating, while bathing. The cause of darkening can also be contact with detergents, cosmetics, in the composition of which includes sulfur.

Резина, лук, яйца, соль также усиливают скорость почернения украшений и столовых изделий из серебра.

Чем почистить серебро при почернении? 

В домашнем хозяйстве есть множество средств, которые помогут удалить черноту с серебряных украшений и столового серебра.

Before to name the means, helping to clear silver from blackness в Home conditions, it should be noted that this metal is soft enough, easily scratched, and therefore when cleaning it is important to avoid aggressive friction, cleaning with abrasive materials.

The most popular means for cleaning silver is ammonia. To whiten the product, you need to dilute the spoon of ammonia with two glasses of water, add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide and dissolve there a bit of normal soap. It is enough to load silver in this solution for 10-15 min, wipe it with a soft cloth and dry it.

Soda and salt are also suitable for cleaning silver from blackening. A couple of spoons of soda should be dissolved in two glasses of warm water, bring to a boil. In boiled water, you need to put silver items and a small piece of foil, wait for about a quarter of an hour, remove the contents and dry with a cotton cloth. In the case of using salt for greater effect, the aging time of silver in the solution should be increased to an hour.

It will help to clear the darkened silver citric acid, which is often used by housewives to make baking. 50 grams of the product must be poured a glass of water and put the solution on a water bath, adding a piece of copper. Half an hour after being placed in such a solution, silver products will acquire a former shine. The product should be washed off with water and dried with silver.

Vinegar also helps at home to clear silver from black. A weak solution must be applied with a soft cloth to the silverware, rubbing it. Momentarily they will become brighter and will continue to please their owners.

For cleaning silver, many recommend using the useful properties of such a popular drink, as Cola. To clean it with silver, you need to boil the drink with the products for about five minutes. The rest of the solution is rinsed with plain water, after which the ornaments and instruments from the silver are dried.

Less sparing means used by housewives to clear silver from blackening are toothpaste, a mixture of tooth powder with ammonia, lipstick, an eraser. Shine appears as a result of friction, and therefore, with the frequent use of these tools, silverware can become less attractive due to scratches.

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