How to clean a person with calcium chloride

How to clean a person with calcium chloride
Beauty is not only genetics, but also a careful care of yourself. It is especially important to look after the skin of the face, because nothing brings a woman into despair, as the appearance on the face of any imperfections. How to be one who for some reason or another can not regularly make salon procedures? A worthy analogue of peeling fruit acids, for example, can serve as a face cleaning calcium chloride. Unfortunately, the unsatisfactory condition of the skin at any age can not only add a few years, but completely spoil the mood. Very young girls suffer from increased fatness of the skin, dilated pores, pimples and black dots on it, and at a more mature age they also complain of a dull complexion and premature wrinkles. If you do not completely solve all the problems with the skin of the face, then a procedure such as acid peeling can minimize them.

Cleansing the face with calcium chloride as a worthy alternative to salon treatments

In order for the face skin to be clean, elastic and literally shone with youth and health, it is necessary to regularly cleanse it from the dead cells of the epidermis. If you neglect such cleansing, the skin becomes dull due to a lack of sufficient nutrition, and the pores will be enlarged and filled with sebum. In the home conditions You can clean your face with a scrub, but much more effective is peeling with calcium chloride.

Keep in mind that cleansing of the face with calcium chloride is indicated for owners of skin of fatty or combined type, since this drug has the property of drying pimples and inflammations on the skin. With caution, you should use this procedure for those who have normal skin, but those who have dry skin, do not do such peeling.

How can I clean my face with calcium chloride?

You will need purchased in the pharmacy ampoule calcium chloride, cotton wool, PH-neutral soap and clean water. Carefully cut off the tip of the glass ampoule, pour some of its contents onto the surface of the cotton disc and pass them over a previously cleaned face, avoiding the area around the eyes and lips. Let the agent on the face dry, then repeat the procedure – and so 3-4 times until you feel a slight tingling sensation on the skin.

Wet your fingers, soak them and spend fingertips on the face on the massage lines, without stretching the skin. Calcium will react with soap and start rolling down flakes directly under your fingers. After all the remedy is removed from the skin, wash with clean, cool water. Do not wipe your face with a towel after washing – let your skin absorb all the moisture. After such a peeling, the pores become less noticeable, and the complexion is more fresh and healthy.

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