How to clean a face from acne

How to clean a face from acne
Ugryami (pimples, pustules) called inflammation of the sebaceous glands, and often their ducts. Acne vulgaris is more common in people with oily skin. Often the consequences eels become scars, spoiling the exterior. To avoid this, it is necessary to clean it from time to time face for eels. There are several simple ways, which one you choose, depends only on you.

Механическая чистка Процедура эффективная и быстрая, однако довольно болезненная. Распарьте face over a pot of hot water, covered handkerchief or a towel. You can add to the boiling water chamomile flowers, pharmacy or sequins. When the pores on the face are sufficiently opened, with clean hands, gently start squeezing out the acne. At the end of the procedure, apply to face tightening mask (for example, from therapeutic clay), hold it until it dries completely, rinse with warm water, blot face a soft napkin and grease with a nutritious cream.

Пилинг Это второй по популярности метод чистки лица от eels. Он делится на два вида.Химический пилинг
To help come special substances that, when applied to face dissolve the upper layer of the skin, which is subsequently removed together with the dead cells. It is better, if such procedure will be carried out by a professional cosmetician, although with strict observance of the proportions and rules of using the drug, you can make chemical peeling and domestic conditions.Механический пилинг
A recognized and widely known form of this peeling is a bouffage performed with the help of special brushes. Moreover, the skin of the face is subjected not only to cleaning, but also to massage, which also has a favorable effect on the acne prone skin. If you have a set of brush brushes at home, you can do this procedure at home. In addition to clean skin of the face, you will get great pleasure, because this procedure is very pleasant.

Ultrasonic and vacuum cleaning Such a service has appeared relatively recently and is considered at the moment the least traumatic way of cleaning the skin of the face from eels. At the same time, the effect of it remains for a long time. Apply to a cosmetologist, he will perform the procedure quickly and efficiently, and you will only have to maintain the effect by visiting a beauty salon or clinic monthly.

Народные методы чистки лица от eels Они не дают молниеносного эффекта, однако при регулярном применении дают хороший результат. Протирайте места, пораженные eels (прыщами, гнойничками), соком татарника колючего. Параллельно можете употреблять этот сок внутрь по 1 ч.л. трижды в день перед едой.Периодически смазывайте угри ватным диском, смоченным в пихтовом масле (оно свободно продается в аптеке). Купите в аптеке настойку календулы, смешивайте 1 ч.л. средства с 1 ч.л. меда, заливайте смесь теплой кипяченой водой, размешивайте и 2-3 раза в день протирайте face. Wipe the potatoes on a small grater, squeeze, so that you get 100 ml of potato juice. Add 1 tsp honey. Apply the resulting gruel to the sites of the cluster eels (it is possible and on all face) and keep 20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and grease with your favorite cream. Such a cleansing mask can be done daily for 2-x weeks, then arrange a rest or replace the potato-honey mask with another one. A good effect is given by aloe juice. Only Cook it must be done in a special way. Cut a few lower leaves from the plant, rinse with warm boiled water, dry and place them for a few days (from 3 to 7) into a dark cool place (you can on the top shelf of the refrigerator, pre-wrapping the leaves in the newspaper). After this time, take out the aloe, chop and squeeze the juice. Wipe the skin of the face 2-3 times throughout the day. The result is visible almost immediately, and after a week you may not recognize your face at all, your skin will become so smooth and clean.

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