How to clean a beer belly

How to clean a beer belly
Beer belly is a real problem for a modern man. The funniest thing is that the stomach grows not so much because of the consumption of beer (as it is not, in general, particularly caloric), but because of the consumption of a huge amount of extra food, which provokes beer. In addition, alcohol has a negative effect on metabolism, so excess fat starts to be deferred.

Discard the alcohol. The maximum that you can afford – 0,33 l. beer a day, but in fact you can hardly stop at this.

Divide the meals into intervals. Eat at the same time every day in small portions. Give up fatty foods. Drink lots of clean water.

Provide yourself with physical activity. Walk on foot a day at least 5 km., After each meal, walk outdoors away from city exhausts. Do exercises every morning.

Ежедневно выполняйте упражнения для strengthening muscles belly. Of all the variety of exercises and programs to strengthen the press without difficulty, you can select suitable for you.

Stand up, spread your legs, bend your knees slightly, stretch your arms before By yourself. Теперь резко вернитесь вправо, держа руки на Level of плеч. Следите, чтобы ваши бёдра и ноги не двигались. Сделайте то же и в левую сторону. Повторяйте несколько раз, фиксируя положение в крайней точке.

Lie on your back, bend your legs, pull your hands behind your head. Raise the body, lowering your hands to your feet. Cross your arms at shoulders и вернитесь в исходное положение. Повторяйте несколько раз.

Just draw in stomach 10 times on the 4 approach per day.

Sit on the edge of the sofa or chair, lean on it hands. Straight legs stretch forward, bend your knees and pull them to yourself, straining the muscles of the press. Repeat 20 times.

Lay down on the floor, hands on the bottom of the sofa or armchairs. Strain the muscles of the press, lift the legs, and then lower them. Perform the exercise smoothly at least 20 times.

Just lying on the floor and holding onto the edge of the sofa, stretch the muscles of the press and make a "bicycle". Repeat the minimum of 20 times.

Lying on the floor, bend your knees and place on the couch. Perform direct and reverse twisting at least 20 times.

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