How to clean a beer belly, eliminating several products

How to clean a beer belly, eliminating several products
The appearance of beer belly with the consumption of beer is not directly related, but the amount of drunk still leads to a slow growth of the abdominal cavity. Firstly, by increasing the volumes of beer pouring into yourself, you stretch the walls. Secondly, by beer you stimulate the appetite, which leads to overeating.

To remove the beer belly, you must exclude at least one major harmful product – beer. Behind him, you can at least temporarily give up any other alcohol. Having got used to a foamy drink, try to return to its consumption not more often than 2 once a month. Otherwise, get rid of the beer belly forever will not succeed.

If you seriously think about your appearance, and beer belly worries you the most, start to refuse fat and spicy food. Beer sausages, smoked cheeses, fried chips and mayonnaise – all this successfully paired with beer was deposited on your stomach, turning it into a beer barrel. Give up beer appetizers. No matter how correct nutrition you do not repel, but only this approach will save you from the beer belly. White bread can be replaced with flour products from wholemeal, roasted meat will be replaced by boiled. Do not overeat.

Initially, your beer belly will be "upset" and "offended", he will begin to "revenge", showing a strong appetite and causing a desire to eat more. Deceive him by regularly throwing vegetable food into the stretched stomach: apples, bananas, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes and cucumbers. Natural vegetable fiber is now your friend. Hunger will have to be ignored, until the beer stomach, caused by the stretching of the stomach, does not shrink to its adequate size. Green tea is well muffled by the rumbling.

The diet is not able to completely rid of the beer belly. Calorie counting is good, but it is not a panacea. Use more calories than you consume. Replace travel on the subway by walking, take a cold shower in the mornings, buy a bike, finally. Do not refuse to relax in the fresh air and active games with friends. Sports lifestyle will return to you harmony and health.

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