How to choose women's sunglasses

How to choose women's sunglasses
If the choice of glasses with dioptries, women are more or less responsive, then sunscreens are often bought only because of their attractive appearance. But this is wrong, because sunglasses also affect eye health and vision.

It should be remembered that the main function of sunglasses is protective, and secondarily decorative. Points are divided into categories by the degree of transmission of UV radiation, which is denoted by the abbreviation UV. This information should be indicated on the label. To check the availability of protection from ultraviolet, you have to go to the optics salon, where there is a special device.

Another criterion of protection is the degree of light transmission by lenses. The first category is image glasses, although they protect against UV rays, but they will not save the blinding sun. The second category of glasses is suitable for everyday wear in the summer in conditions middle band, with not too bright sun. The third category is characterized by an increased degree of protection and is suitable for relaxing on the beach and traveling to the mountains, to tropical countries. The fourth category is a darkened version of the third, it is forbidden to drive a car. It is believed that one should not wear too often dark glasses, to avoid fatigue of the eyes, although everything is individual here.

Чтобы обеспечивать глазам безопасность, очки должны полностью поглощать ультрафиолет. Это важно, поскольку в темных glasses зрачки расширяются и глаза не используют заложенный в них механизм защиты от УФ-излучения. В итоге, от таких очков получается больше вреда, чем пользы.

Качественные очки должны обеспечивать комфорт глазам при ярком солнце, чтобы оно не слепило. При этом изображение должно быть четким, сохранять свою контрастность и цветность без оптических искажений. Сегодня в продаже можно найти очки с разными дополнительными покрытиями: антибликовыми, фотохромными, упрочнёнными, водоотталкивающими и т.д. По мере возможности выбирайте очки подороже, т.к. обычно они более качественные.

According to ophthalmologists, sunglasses with colored glasses are harmful to vision and psychological state, so they are suitable only for photo sessions. Among the glasses that do not distort the color perception of the surrounding space, – серые, коричневатые, зеленые, желтые. Последние больше подходят для пасмурной погоды. Отражающие свет зеркальные стекла хорошо защитят глаза в горах и на море.

При изготовлении линз для очков применяются разные материалы. Это и пластик с акриловым покрытием, и нейлон, и поликарбонат, и фотохром. Последний является материалом-хамелеоном – в помещении он становится прозрачным, а на солнце темнеет. Хорошим материалом для линз считается mineral glass, because it provides good protection and at the same time does not distort visual perception. The optical polymer CR-39 is in demand today. Lenses from it contain a UV absorber, which prevents the development of eye diseases associated with the sun. They are durable, lightweight and not prone to scratches.

The choice of glasses from a particular material depends on the circumstances in which you are going to wear them. If it's an active holiday, driving a motorcycle or a car, do not buy glass glasses, because if they break, they can injure the eye. You should not wear them and children. For active pastime, it is better to choose high-quality plastic glasses. When choosing plastic eyewear, pay attention to the markings. For example, marking UV400 reports the absorption of all kinds of ultraviolet radiation, UV95% – about the absorption of 95% UV rays by lenses. As a rule, branded products are marked on the label, on the inside of the bow, and on the lenses themselves.

When choosing the shape of the glasses, proceed from the shape of your face. Girls with a round face will approach a rectangular frame, with a square – rounded in the lower part of the form and a safe frame. A triangular face is approached by glasses of a symmetrical rounded shape. If you have an elongated oval face, it will be adjusted by a wide frame. And when choosing the color of the frame, you can focus on the color of your hair.

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