How to choose vitamins for hair

How to choose vitamins for hair
Hair require constant care, which includes not only regular washing, but also strengthening due to a certain complex of vitamins. Cosmetic means are aimed at giving a beautiful look to the hair, but they are unlikely to cure brittleness or dandruff.

If the hair began to fall out or fade, this is a sign of a serious shortage of essential vitamins and minerals. In the winter, the curls become particularly weakened. Solve the problem will help polyvitamins, which are sold at the pharmacy. Their advantage is that each pill contains a daily norm of vitamins and a number of microelements. The composition of multivitamins should be zinc, magnesium, calcium, iron, selenium. Their regular application поможет не только восстановить эластичность волос, но и поддержит в тонусе весь организм. Курс принятия тех или иных препаратов указан на упаковке.

Волосам необходимы те же vitamins, as nails, skin – A, B, C, E. The body receives them along with food. For example, protect the strands from brittleness will help vitamin A. It is rich in all fruits and vegetables of red color (carrots, tomatoes, sweet peppers, dried apricots), fatty fish, liver, spinach, cheese, cream, broccoli. Be sure to include in the daily diet vitamins группы В (рибофлавин, пантенол, пиридоксин, биотин, фолиевая кислота). Потребляйте халву, хлеб, яйца, орехи, бобы, мясо, сыр. Витамины группы В подарят блеск волосам и защитят от преждевременной седины.

Vitamin E preserves the youthfulness of the skin and of the whole organism as a whole. For hair, it is useful in that it is a barrier against the occurrence of dandruff (seborrhea). Prepare vegetable salads with dressing in the form of olive and vegetable oils, eat buckwheat, oatmeal and liver. Vitamin C stimulates blood circulation, which is extremely necessary for the scalp for healthy hair growth. Therefore, often tidy with citrus and kiwi fruit.

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