How to choose tools for manicure

How to choose tools for manicure
In order to make a quality manicure, do not necessarily go to the salon. Proper nails can help bring your nails to a perfect look – with their help you can easily shape the nails, get rid of the keratinized skin, align the plates and remove the cuticle. Do not buy everything – collect your own set for a manicure that best suits your needs.

The choice of instruments depends on what type of manicure you prefer. For those who love the classic trimming option, tools from high-quality steel are necessary – scissors, tweezers, nippers. With their help, you can quickly and accurately shape the nails, remove excess length, remove burrs and cuticles. Usually, the set for the cuticle manicure includes thin scissors or nail clippers, as well as comfortable curved cuticle tweezers.

Supplement the set with a metal pusher – it is convenient for them to shift excess skin from the nail and form a beautiful cuticle line. If you plan to use tips in your home manicure, get sharp pincers for cutting plastic.

You prefer unedged European manicure? Pick up a set of saws – they help to shape the nails, remove the keratinized skin from your fingers. The most accessible option is pressed cardboard files with metal spraying. Plastic blades are more durable. Choose two-sided tools with different abrasives – they not only nail the nails, but also polish the surface of the plates. Such accessories can be washed and treated in disinfectant solutions.

Самый качественный вариант – стеклянные или керамические инструменты для подпиливания. Для домашнего использования стоит приобрести длинную пилку, а в косметичку положить более короткую, она пригодится для экстренного ремонта некстати сломавшегося ногтя. Керамические и стеклянные аксессуары очень нежно шлифуют ногти, однако они весьма хрупки и требуют бережного отношения.

You can remove the cuticle with a set of chopsticks from the orange tree. They need to be changed frequently – the ends of the sticks are soaked during the manicure. If your nails have an uneven surface, get a polishing double-sided bar, it smooths the surface of the plates and gives them a beautiful soft luster.

Take care of storing your manicure set. Buy a beautiful case made of nylon or leather with compartments for tools. Correctly packed accessories are convenient to store at home and take on the road. In the case you can put a liquid for removing nail polish, a cuticle pencil, cotton wheels and other accessories for manicure.

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