How to choose the shape of the eyebrows depending on the type of face

How to choose the shape of the eyebrows depending on the type of face
The problem of choosing the ideal shape of the eyebrows bothers many women. Makeup artists are advised to first determine their own type of face, and only then calculate what shape, length of eyebrows and the distance between them will be optimal. Incorrectly chosen form of eyebrows can really spoil any appearance – make a person angry, haughty or too naive. There is a very simple method for determining the point of inflection of the eyebrows. Just draw a thin line from the wing of the nose to the point of intersection with the brow. Then make the same line only to intersect with the inner corners of the eyes. The resulting points will need to be connected, and then you will see what your ideal length and shape of the eyebrows.

Обладательницы лица круглой формы обычно идут на разные ухищрения, чтобы визуально удлинить его. Для такой цели лучше всего подойдут брови с изломанной линией дуги. Но учтите, what to do a fracture too large does not follow, otherwise you will get a bared eyebrow, which will give the person a surprised-sad expression. If you have an elongated, oval face shape, you will need to soften its features and make them as proportionate as possible. Therefore, you should make eyebrows without kink and rounding. Otherwise they will stretch their face even more.

Отличным вариантом станут совершенно прямые брови с незначительным плавным переходом.

Very often you can meet women with a triangular type of face. Such people need to emphasize femininity and grace. Professional stylists recommend choosing round eyebrows. Straight or too long eyebrows will only further widen the upper part of the face. Also, do not make a sharp bend, which greatly sharpens the features and makes them unattractive. Ideally rounded or elegant long eyebrows will help create a complete image of a square face with wide cheekbones. The line of fracture is best made closer to the outer corners of the eyes.

But the facial expression depends not only on the shape of the eyebrows, but also on their thickness. For example, a square and round face does not fit eyebrows, plucked in a thread. They heavily weight the face and bring to the fore heavy cheekbones and unattractive roundness. In general, eyebrows of medium width or thin are an excellent choice for women with rather small features. It must be remembered that a straight form can visually widen the face, and a rounded one can narrow.

Holders of close-fitting eyes should know that the ideal interbrove distance for them should not be more than 2,5 cm.

Age stylists advise special attention to pay attention to the length of the eyebrows. The fact is that with age they should become shorter. Just long eyebrows every year will increasingly emphasize wrinkles around the eyes. As a result, a woman will appear older than her years.

Коррекция бровей в Home conditions – this is not a simple matter. But if you decide not to contact a specialist, be sure to rip out your face before the procedure. You can do this with a steam bath. As a result, the pores expand, and the plucking will pass almost painlessly. You can also use ice cubes to anesthetize. However, dermatologists believe that the use of ice is fraught with the formation of vascular asterisks.

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