How to choose the shape of the eyebrows by the type of face

How to choose the shape of the eyebrows by the type of face
Eyebrows are able to balance and make any shape of the face more attractive. Incorrectly chosen form of eyebrows can destroy all efforts to create an ideal image.


How to determine the type of face

Before choosing the shape of the eyebrows, you need to determine the shape of the face. To determine the shape of a person, it is necessary to approach it without prejudice. Of course, I want the face to have an ideal shape and to be completely symmetrical, but this is rarely found in nature.

A person can have one of the following forms:

  • Round face.
  • Triangle.
  • Square face shape.
  • Stretched or oval face.
  • Trapezoid form of face.
  • The face is rhomboid.

The master in the salon will be able to easily determine what form of person his client has. At home, with an untrained eye, it is a little more difficult to do, but it does not take any special effort. First, you need to stand at the mirror and determine the height of the face from the line of hair growth to the chin. Now you just need to divide this number into three.

Next, you need to measure the height from the tip of the nose to the chin and see what number will be greater: the result obtained by dividing the entire face into 3 or the one that determines the length from the nose to the chin.

If both numbers are the same, then it says that the shape of the face is oval. If the second number is less than the first, then the face shape is round or triangular. If on the contrary, the shape of the face is elongated or square.

After the shape of the face has been determined, it is necessary to choose the shape of the eyebrows, which will perfectly complement the face.

How to choose the shape of the eyebrows by the type of face

Triangular face

Holders of triangular face shape should make the eyebrows straight or slightly rounded. If you break the line of the eyebrow or strongly round them, then all the proportions of the face will be violated. That is why it is necessary to remove the hairs in a straight line, and only at the last stage slightly add a bend.

Square face shape

With a square face, you need to add a bend to the eyebrows. In doing so, the lifting is done exactly in the center. It is important not to overdo it and not to get eyebrows, which are usually called "crooks house." If you approach this issue in a measured way, you can visually slightly round and stretch the shape of the face with just one eyebrow correction.

Round face

Make a round face slightly elongated, too, can eyebrows. It's enough at home to just create a small kink. The outer edge of the eyebrows should be slightly pointed. The inner edge, which is located closer to the bridge of the nose, should be somewhat thicker.

Stretched face type

Holders of this type of face can make a person visually more rounded and feminine. To do this, it is enough to correct the eyebrows in such a way that they are straight. The thickness of the eyebrows should be moderate. Too broad or narrow eyebrows can only worsen the situation.

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