How to choose the right tonal tool

How to choose the right tonal tool
Nowadays there is such an abundance of tonal means that every woman can choose for herself the ideal, suitable for her in the type and color of the skin. The tonal means allows you to successfully correct the appearance, if there are skin defects, it is able to give her a healthy and radiant appearance.

The creation of facial beauty always begins with a "background" or base, it is the basis of any make-up. However, without certain skills, you can easily turn your face into a faceless mask and severely damage your skin.

What it is necessary to consider, imposing on the face voice-frequency agent?

  • First of all, remember that the presence of tonal basis should not be evident. Its main task is to smooth the complexion and do it as little as possible.
  • Choose the shade closest to the color of your skin, avoid both too light and too pink tone. If the shade does not fit, try mixing 2-3 different tones to get the desired result. To check how much the tone corresponds to the natural color of your skin, apply it on the back of the palm (its color is usually close to the color of your face).
  • To achieve an even tone, do not abuse the amount of the product and do not apply it with the smears of the fingertips. It will be more correct to take a drop of tone on the palm, rub it on the surface and apply it with gentle movements, pressing lightly on the face, lips and neck. Then gently tone the tone from the middle to the sides. With your fingertips, treat the area around the eyes, at the eyebrows, on the wings of the nose and along the contour of the face. If the appearance did not seem to be perfect enough, repeat the procedure and fix the result.
  • There are other techniques that can be used to obtain an even and stable tone. One of them – with the help of a sponge – an applicator (sponge). Moisten the sponge with tonic, and wipe off excess moisture with a napkin. After that, dial a little tone on the applicator and apply it with light circular motions, starting from the chin towards the ear, and also from the middle of the face to the edge. Be sure to shade the tone closer to the neck, so that there is no abrupt transition.
  • Tonal means help to mask small defects on the skin. The corrective pencil is the best in this respect. Corrector put on a problem place, gently driving into the skin with your fingertips. If there is no corrector, another way will help. Take a small amount of lighter tone, but not pink, and beige shades and mix it on the back of the palm with a tiny amount of green shadows. Carefully apply mass to the redness or pimple.
  • Pigmented spots can be hidden if you use a tonal medium of an intermediate shade between their color and complexion.
  • If you need to hide the circles under the eyes, put on them a lighter tone and blend on the border with the base, and then powder. You can also put a little blush on the edges of dark circles.
  • To mask wrinkles, apply a white tone directly to them before using the base. This will help visually smooth the folds. Another way is to apply a little blush on the wrinkles with your fingertips, blush, then use the base.

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