How to choose the right shape of nails

How to choose the right shape of nails
Hands are a visiting card of a well-groomed woman. After all, it is by the hands that you can determine the age and well-being of a lady. So it's important to choose the right nail form, so that your hands always look great.

Многие девушки и женщины выбирают форму ногтей, ориентируясь на модные тенденции. Это правильно только отчасти, так как ещё необходимо учитывать форму кисти, а также состояние ногтей.

Round form. This form of nails is perfect for ladies with full hands. Rounded non-long nails look neat, so decorate the handle with full fingers.

Square shape. Square nails do not fit women who have large brushes and short fingers. Since such nails visually make the brush even more, and the fingers are shorter. The square shape is ideal for young girls with small hands and thin wrists. Square nails look amazing, but maintaining their ideal shape is not easy. This is due to the fact that the nail corners can often break down.

Square shape with rounded corners. This shape of nails is suitable for owners of long fingers and a few bulging nails. Nails will look very neat and require a minimum of care.

Oval shape. This form of nails is universal and suitable for all the fair sex. Oval toenails visually make the fingers longer and thinner.

Pointed shape. In fashion circles, this form is called "Stiletto", since the nails do have a shape similar to sharp daggers. This form is a trend of 2017 year, but requires careful handling, since sharp marigolds are prone to brittleness. Therefore, the pointed form of nails is best reserved for a special case, and everyday manicure is made more practical. In addition, the pointed form is suitable only for long and rather narrow nails.

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