How to choose the right shade of lipstick

How to choose the right shade of lipstick
A carefully selected color of lipstick will successfully complete the image, and an inappropriate shade will ruin all your makeup. Therefore, it is necessary to take seriously the selection of a shade of lipstick and follow simple rules.

If you want to achieve a natural make-up, then choose lipstick on 1-2 tone lighter or darker than the shade of your lips. If you need to emphasize the tan, then choose the bedding shades of lipsticks.

If you are the owner of fair skin, then you will go natural cold tones. In the priority of the color from gently pink to plum. If you have dark skin, then choose juicy and bright shades of lipstick. Also pay attention to peach shades of lipstick. If your skin has an olive shade, then safely use red lipstick colors.

Terracotta and brown shades of lipstick are perfect for red-haired women. It is easier for brown-haired women to choose their lipstick color, the only condition is that the darker the hair, the brighter lipstick can be. Blonde girls should use lipstick peach, coral and berry shades.

Кареглазые девушки отлично смотрятся с насыщенными коричневыми и алыми оттенками помады на губах. Сероглазые и голубоглазые девушки могут смело использовать бежевые и вишневые оттенки помады. Для зеленоглазых пойдут оранжевые и терракотовые цвета помады.

To choose the color of lipstick that suits you will help one simple advice. Bite your lower lip and see what color she got. That color will be the most suitable shade of lipstick.

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