How to choose the right night cream

How to choose the right night cream
In the care of skin is important every detail, including the choice of a night cream. After all, the regeneration of skin cells occurs mainly at night. Correctly selected night cream will give her all the necessary nutrition and restore the tone.

To pick up a night cream that is right for you, do not be lazy to walk through several stores and pharmacies of different price categories. Do not buy cosmetics in stalls located on the street. Note that they can run into a fake of a poor quality. But it is not worth while buying and focusing only on a high price – suitable means of good quality can be not only very expensive, but very affordable.

It is very important to correctly recognize your skin type. Take this with all attention. Of course, night care is necessary in any case, but oily and dry skin requires a different means at the root. If you have overdried facial skin, you are best suited for creams of fairly dense structures and saturated compounds. If your skin is of a fatty type, stop your choice on air emulsions. In addition, in summer use lighter means for moisturizing, and in winter in frost – dense nutritious creams.

Very carefully study on the label of the night cream its annotation. It usually indicates the method of using this tool. There are a number of creams that need to be driven into the skin with cautious cotton, and not smeared in the face. There are tools for absorbing which you need to perform a massage according to a special scheme. In addition, be sure to read the composition of the night cream. Be especially vigilant if you have allergic reactions.

If you are given this opportunity, then use the tester. In self-respecting specialized stores they are always available. Ask the store's consultant about the availability of their samplers with your favorite cream. Thanks to the sampler, you can evaluate the remedy, see if it is applied well on the skin, quickly absorbed.

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