How to choose the right hair curler

How to choose the right hair curler
Все мы индивидуальны, каждая обладает неповторимой красотой. И каждой девушке идут кудри разного типа. Попробуем разобраться, какой прибор для какого типа кудряшек создан.

There are several rules that are uniform for all ploices. Be sure to observe them, if you do not want to get a loofah instead of hair.

  1. When choosing a styler, be sure to look at what it's made of. Instruments made of iron can almost instantly burn your hair out because the metal heats up to very high temperatures. It is better to look at the curtain with a ceramic or mineral (sericite) coating, they work in a much more gentle mode, and the result is not worse. In addition, such ploits ionize hair, as a result of which they cease to be electrified.
  2. Work with dry hair. Not only that damp hair just does not twist, so to all the rest you also injure your hair much more. Exception – ceramic and sericite curds, which are recommended to work on lightly-slightly damp hair.
  3. If your goal is to create volume at the roots, first of all wash your head and apply texturizing harm. Do not forget also about thermal protection.
  4. If you have thin or damaged hair, work with a temperature of no higher than 120 degrees.


The iron is a universal device, capable not only to straighten, but also curl the hair. In order to do this, you need to grab a lock at the root and, twirling, guide the iron to the tip. The minimum length with which you can work is the square.

Conical Ploy

Plyoka-"carrot" is suitable for creating natural sexual lokas, as it allows you to create a curl, voluminous at the top and gradually narrowing to the bottom. Ideal for creating volumetric packing.


Такая плойка позволяет создать ровные симметричные упругие кудри. 

Стандартная плойка для завивки

Allows you to create a variety of options for styling: curls, curls, waves. The final result depends on the width of the strand and the way it is wound on the styler. Paradox, but the smaller the diameter of such a curling, the more voluminous the hair is.


It allows to create not only an interesting corrugation effect on the hair. Recently, corrugated root successfully replaces the grandmother's hair, and copes with the role of supporting the volume even better. Stacking with corrugation is durable and lasts until the next washing of the head.

Автоматическая плойка

Stacking with such a curling bar requires minimum time and effort. all you need is to lay a lock at the bottom of the device, which will do the rest of the work for you.

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