How to choose the right hair color for eye color

How to choose the right hair color for eye color
To emphasize the dignity of your image, to give it a bright, fresh and rich notes, you can change the shade of your hair. As a result, from the "gray mouse" you can turn into a chic woman. However, the hair color must be changed competently, taking into account not only the skin tone, but also the color of the eyes. How to choose a hair color?

Hair color for blue eyes

Blue-eyed girls are all light shades of hair – ashy, light brown, bronze and wheat. But the blue color also varies in brightness. Therefore, in some cases, dark colors are suitable for women with this eye color. In addition, you need to consider the color of your skin at the same time.

Girls with a golden or bronze tone of skin, which has red and yellow specks in the iris of the eyes, fit all the golden colors: golden chestnut, golden nut, champagne. Ladies with pink skin can wear ash and light brown hair.

The brown-haired nature can transform the shades of dark caramel and light chestnut. Women who have at their disposal the eyes of the color of a cornflower and a dark blue sky, as well as snow-white skin, the blue-black hair color is very suitable. In such a combination, the celestial color of the eyes is particularly noticeable.

Hair color for brown eyes

Brown eyes also come in different shades. Therefore, the approach to them will be appropriate. To emphasize the charms of brown eyes and show the depth of a look, one must take into account all the shades of brown eyes and skin.

If the skin is tanned or dark, and the eyes are brown, you do not need to lighten the hair. It is desirable to paint them in dark shades: chestnut, warm chocolate. Girls with fair skin should use red and caramel shades, milk chocolate. This will make the image more juicy and interesting.

In the event that brown eyes have a light tint, it is counter-indicative to dye your hair in dark colors. It is recommended to use caramel, gold, amber and reddish paint.

With rich shades of brown eyes with a reddish tint, dark colors with a red tint are appropriate: contrasting, burning, shades of chocolate, chestnut, eggplant, black tulip.

Hair color for green eyes

Green-eyed girls will come up with bold, bright and rich shades of red, copper and chestnut. Reddish tones can also be used. But in any case not blond. Against the background of discolored hair, a beautiful eye color may fade.

Girls with golden skin and an iris of eyes with yellow and orange specks can try to paint their hair in very exotic colors: red, golden, red. In this case, the experiments will be appropriate, there is no need to be afraid.

The eyes of a rare bright grassy color are combined with the following original tones of hair: golden, dark red, honey, reddish, medium chestnut. All these combinations will be very beautiful.

With marsh eye color, red hair color is a contraindication. But it is ideal to paint the hair in dark-blond, chestnut and nutty.

Hair color for gray eyes

Gray-eyed girls are in a particularly privileged position, because they go almost all the hair colors, except black. With golden skin you can use wheat, caramel, light brown, red, light chestnut and dark chestnut. And with light skin all the colors from dark chestnut to ashy.

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