How to choose the right gel for washing

How to choose the right gel for washing
Not so long ago for washing used exclusively toilet soap. Now the choice of gels, foams, mousses and even oils for washing extremely diverse. You can find gel with any flavor, with a preventive or curative effect. The main thing is to choose this remedy correctly.

Gel for washing is a suspension of a high molecular weight polymer. It includes surfactants – surfactants, which purify the skin, and penetrate deep enough into it. On the one hand, useful substances are delivered to their destination, and on the other, the likelihood of allergic reactions and destruction of the lipid barrier is high. There are 4 main types of surfactants, which have different effects on the skin.

Первый тип – катионные ПАВ. Их можно узнать, если на упаковке есть слова «Quaternium» или «Polyquaternium». Наличие таких ПАВов часто становится причиной воспаления и раздражения, поскольку такие вещества слишком глубоко проникают в кожу глубже, чем нужно для очищения и разрушают липидный барьер.

The second type is anionic surfactants. On the contrary, they do not penetrate the skin well enough and do not clean it well. Although they foam well. If the composition is "Sodium Lauryl Sulfate" or "SLS", then a means for washing dries heavily the skin and is more suitable for oily and problem skin. And sodium lauryl sulfate irritates the skin more than laureth sulfate.

The third type is nonionic surfactants. They appear in the composition as "Decyl-Glucoside". Gels containing such substances do not foam well, and, therefore, poorly clean the skin. However, if they are obtained from natural substances – fruits, vegetable oils, glycerin, then the product will foam well and gently cleanse the skin. Non-ionic surfactants from natural raw materials are included in the most effective and expensive gels for washing.

The fourth type is amphoteric surfactants. They can be identified by the names "Cocoyl", "Betaine" and "Sarcosine". Gel on their basis as carefully as possible cleanses the skin.

В top Shower gels should be anionic surfactants for good foaming and amphoteric. There are also gels that help fight skin problems. For example, products containing zinc, echinacea extract, calendula, triclosan will help with excessive fat and acne. However, gels with triclosan should not be used constantly, to avoid skin dysbiosis. For fading skin or in the period of intense exposure to sunlight, it is worth choosing gels with antioxidants, such as bioflavonoids, selenium, coenzyme Q10.

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