How to choose the right eye makeup

How to choose the right eye makeup
Expressive eyes – this is one of the most important advantages of every woman's appearance. Beautiful makeup the eye will turn out at the correct choice of a color scale of shadows, and as the account of the form and color of eyes.

You will need
  • In order to make a beautiful eye make-up, you will need a make-up base, a set of shadows, eyeliner pencils, eyeliner, and mascara.
First you need to determine the shape of your eyes. Because of this very much depends. If you are the lucky owner of almond-shaped eyes, then almost any makeup. Если у вас небольшие eyes, then you need to visually increase them. You can do this by applying light tones of shadows, and it will be even better if you use shadows with a shine effect. In this case, the outer corner eyes it is recommended to emphasize the darker shadows. Black eyeliner is best not to use, it only reduces the already small eyes. If you have eyes расположены близко друг к другу, то акцент нужно делать on external corners eye. The inner corners, however, need to be made lighter, neutral. If eyes are located far from each other, then it is necessary to emphasize the intensive tone of the shadows area related to the inner corner eyes.

Now you need to pay attention to the color of the eyes. For brown the eyes are well suited for brown, peach, bright blue, purple shadows. For blue and blue eye experts advise to use silvery, gray-blue, lilac, bronze tones. Green-eyed girls fit all shades of gray, brown, black shadows. There are also universal color of shadows. He is gray with all their shades. He is able to focus on the beauty of your eyes, as well as make them more vivid.

But the choice makeupа глаз определяется так же и оттенком кожи и цветом volos. Blondes are not worth it use bright black pencil or eyeliner. Otherwise, the image will become too provocative. Brunettes, on the contrary, eyes не терялись, акцент в makeupYou do not need to do this eyes's.

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