How to choose the right caring for oily skin

How to choose the right caring for oily skin
The skin is one of the most important organs, because it is she who first takes on the "blow" of negative environmental factors, it is she who suffers most from the slightest disruption in the functioning of the human body. And only careful and proper care can save her beauty and health for many years.

In order to correctly choose caregivers for the skin and the principle of their use, it is necessary to accurately determine its type. By its structure, the skin is divided into three main types – normal, dry and oily. The most thorough care requires a third type – oily. Recognize this type is very simple – oily skin, as a rule, has an ugly earthy shade due to the enlarged sebaceous glands, the so-called pores, and even with thorough cleansing it becomes very greasy, shiny very quickly. In addition to aesthetic unattractiveness, this type of skin brings a lot of other troubles, for example, constantly arising irritations and inflammations, the appearance of pimples and suppuration.

To keep youth and freshness of oily skin, it is necessary to ensure intensive and timely care for it. Ideal – this three-time washing during the day with soap and only with the help of running water, but this "luxury" is not allowed for everyone. However, there is a way out even in the most difficult situations, and even with very high employment and lack of time, you can provide fatty skin with a decent cleansing and nutrition to avoid problems and permanently preserve a blossoming appearance.

Owners of oily skin need to visit the cosmetologist's office regularly and clean the face. Avoid mechanical cleaning methods and prefer peeling with the use of fruit acids, the so-called microdermabrasion. AT domestic conditions for cleaning and make-up it is necessary to apply the products only with the mark "for oily skin", while it is not worthwhile to abuse the means for make-up. It can only be washed with water at room temperature, rather than hot, with means for washing with a gel structure containing salicylic acid. At least 2 once a week, deep cleaning should be done with scrubs or peels, based on substances that contribute to the narrowing of pores, for example, cucumber, egg white or honey.

Oily skin needs intensive nourishment and constant moisturizing. Provide moisturizing with the help of cosmetic care products, and nourishing masks can be prepared independently at home. Excellent pores masking on the basis of yeast and milk with low fat content, honey, banana pulp, lemon juice, egg white, garden strawberry. Determine the concentration of certain substances in the mask is best "experienced", because someone may be allergic to strawberries, and someone does not tolerate the products of beekeeping. The main rule in the manufacture of a mask for narrowing the pores on oily skin is not to use alcoholic infusions.

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