How to choose the right blush

How to choose the right blush
Blush gives the skin freshness, and make-up – completeness. In addition, they are able to sculpt the face, making it more elegant. But that blush really made you more beautiful, they need to be selected correctly. An unsuccessful remedy can lie on spots, emphasize uneven skin or cause irritation and dryness.

Выберите наиболее подходящий вам тип средства. Для нормальной и жирной кожи идеальны сухие румяна – прессованные, рассыпные или в виде шариков. Они понравятся тем, кто любит сложный многослойный макияж с участием базы, тонального средства и пудры. Такие румяна наносятся поверх тона специальной кистью.

If your skin is too dry, powdered textures you do not fit. Choose a soft creamy blush in a jar or stick. They can be applied to the tonal remedy or directly to the skin, previously moistened with cream. However, owners of oily skin, prone to the formation of comedones, a средство не подойдет – макияж просто «стечет» с лица, к тому же кремообразные румяна могут провоцировать появление новых воспалений.

Those who like natural make-up with a minimum of cosmetics, like the novelty – a blush in the form of a gel or liquid pigment. Such funds are applied to clean skin and are carefully shaded with pads of fingers. Gel and liquid blush does not contain fat and does not clog pores. However, they can dry up excessively dry skin even more.

After selecting the texture, find the appropriate color of blush. If you are looking for a universal tool for every day, choose it depending on the tone of your face. Light skin is suitable for pink and coral blush in different shades, golden orange and copper tones will complement the golden one, and swarthy ones will be plum and red-brown. Try a pressed blush-mosaic, combining several shades. To achieve a natural color, brush on all segments, mixing the tones, and apply the resulting tone to the cheekbones.

Для особых случаев подойдут румяна с влажным или перламутровым блеском, эффектом сияния или микроскопическими блестками. Такие средства идеальны для вечера – они красиво переливаются в свете свечей, мягких ламп или ярких софитов.

If you want to sculpt the face, remove the cheeks and emphasize the cheekbones, choose a blush in the beige-brown range. Suitable and fashionable novelty – two-color powder blush, combining a pink pigment and a dark bronzer. Swipe over the surface with a flat brush and apply the product on the cheeks so that the pink shade gives a healthy color to the face, and the dark one – nicely emphasizes the cheekbones.

Picking up the appropriate blush, try to try them using the tester. This is especially important when buying puddles – very cute in the package, on the skin they can look quite different. Slide your finger over their surface, appreciate the softness, the presence of sparkles, the intensity of the color. Check if the blush does not crumble. If everything is in order, buy it safely – a carefully chosen tool will serve you long and is unlikely to get bored.

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