How to choose the original female perfume

How to choose the original female perfume
To perfume perfume was truly magical, so that the unique smell lasted for a long time, the perfume should be of good quality. However, now in the shops are increasingly found fakes.

In order to buy quality perfume, first of all when buying, pay attention to cellophane mica, which wrapped packing with perfume. The welded seam on the original products is always carefully made. It is a small overlap, not exceeding 5 mm. If spirits are forged, then you will immediately understand this by a careless seam. Then consider the polygraphic inscription. On the original perfume, it should be clear, neat. A duplicate is indicated by a small, vague polygraphy.

Be sure to check the spelling of the brand and titles spirits, as well as read all available information about the manufacturer. More often than not, manufacturers that manufacture low-quality products simply swap a couple of letters in the title. At what they do it so, that at first sight to notice a fake is difficult enough. But if you look closely, immediately identify them. Pay attention to the fact that Original must necessarily indicate the name of the product, the date of manufacture, the composition of perfume composition, as well as country-manufacturer.

On the package with perfume there is a code consisting of numbers and letters. Another code is also on the vial itself. Compare them. They must completely coincide.

Evaluate the glass from which the bottle is made and the transparency of the fragrant liquid. On the glass there should be unevenness and air bubbles. And the color of the liquid should qualitative perfume most often varies from pale to dark yellow. Please note that the liquid must be clear without sediment.

Check the perfume for the firmness of the fragrance. Drop a couple of drops on your wrist and walk around 30 minutes. If after this time you feel the smell of alcohol or even the absence of an odor, you are dealing with a real fake.

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