How to choose the means for weight loss

How to choose the means for weight loss
Overweight is a problem that is relevant all over the world. The pharmaceutical industry produces a huge number of drugs that can reduce appetite and help get rid of hated pounds, while maintaining a diet and doing physical exercises will not have to.

Use pharmaceuticals to reduce excess weight only as directed by an endocrinologist or psychiatrist. Without a prescription, you can buy biologically active supplements in the pharmacy that improve metabolism, reduce the feeling of hunger, remove excess fluid from the body, which in the complex helps to lose from 1 to 5 kg.

Means based on sibutramine: Reduxin, Lindax, Meridia are pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of obesity, which have a wide range of contraindications, so when you choose, get a doctor's recommendation. Capsules or tablets should be taken 1 once a day during breakfast, which allows you to easily control the appetite and lose 4-6% weight within a month. Millions of people who took these funds for losing weight, have found the desired forms and continue to support them, systematically passing preventive courses of admission.

If your excess weight is a consequence of a reduced function of the thyroid gland, you will be assigned "Triiodothyronine". When you take this drug, you will lose weight significantly by increasing the function of the thyroid gland, which contributes to increased metabolism.

With excess weight caused by a violation of the cardiovascular system, the drug of choice is Digoxin. It normalizes blood circulation, has a side effect – reduces appetite, which helps to reduce excess weight.

Preparations "Simlin" or "Pramlintide" are used as hormone replacement therapy to reduce hunger and prevent overeating. Synthetic hormones contained in the preparations are produced in an increased amount in individuals who are not prone to being overweight and are not produced in individuals who are obese.

Metformin is an active substance of drugs prescribed to normalize blood sugar level at diabetes second type. Choose these remedies if you have an excessive appetite, an increased level of sugar and cholesterol. The systematic use of drugs based on metformin helps grow thin for 6 kg for 12 months.

"Desopimon", "Fepranon", "Panderol", "Mepholin" – are drugs that are derivatives of amphetamine. They contribute to complete relief of hunger, increase energy potential.

Fat additives "Adiposin", "Isolipan" choose in the event that you need to get rid very quickly of not only the extra pounds, but also model the figure, eliminating the fat deposits in the problem areas.

"Xenical" does not allow fat from food to become absorbed and deposited in the depot. With a systematic admission helps to reduce excess weight and supports the effect of weight loss, obtained with the help of other drugs. The remedy is absolutely safe for health and can be taken by people with serious chronic diseases.

Аноретики-наполнители: «Неонормакол», «Амигель», «Редувакс» выбирайте в том случае, если вы планируете уменьшить калорийность и количество потребляемой пищи. Препараты заполняют желудочно-кишечный тракт, что создает чувство насыщения.

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