How to choose the means for hair growth

How to choose the means for hair growth
Masks for growth volos many women prefer to do themselves. However, these home formulations are not always convenient to use – often they are unpleasantly smelling and poorly washed away. Ladies, keeping pace with the times, usually choose for themselves one of the means of known cosmetic lines intended for stimulation growth и improvements states volos. To correctly pick it, you need to pay attention to the composition facilities.

For enhanced growth and restoring the structure volos, high-grade breathing and health vitamins A, C, H, PP, F, E, beta-carotene and B vitamins, as well as selenium, zinc, magnesium, iron, chromium, calcium, copper, manganese, iodine, potassium and silicon . Make sure that the agent you selected contains these active substances, even if not in its entirety.

Cosmetic products for stimulation growth volos should contain ingredients that cause a rush of blood to the follicles and stop falling out volos. К ним относятся перец, лук, горчица, чеснок, хрен, имбирь, эхинацея и bile.

Nutrients are also needed for accelerated growth volos. In the manufacture of cosmetic facilitiesx most often use proteins of silk, wheat germ and egg, yeast, herbal infusions and extracts, honey and propolis, clay.

Means for growth volos часто содержат различные масла, чаще всего – репейное, кедровое и касторовое. Питание маслами помогает усилить кровообращение в коже головы, восстановить корни и улучшить структуру volos, make them smooth and obedient. Great for health volos and the use of essential oils of lavender, orange, rosemary and verbena. They not only stimulate growth volos, but also slow down their loss.

Косметические фирмы, разрабатывающие новейшие facilities for growth volos and improvement of their structure, necessarily add to their products innovative ingredients. These include carnitine tartrate, taurine, stem cells, teracosamine, alginic acid, etc.

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