How to choose the material for nail extensions

How to choose the material for nail extensions
Beautiful nails always attract attention and cause admiration in others. In the case of nail architecture, you can not do without special tools and materials. The correct choice of them will qualitatively simulate every nail.

При наращивании к натуральному ногтю приклеивается пластиковый «удлинитель» (типс). После запиливания формы и длины ногтевая пластина вместе с типсом перекрывается выбранным гелем. Затвердевание покрытия происходит под воздействием УФ-лучей. После полимеризации готовый ноготь подпиливается и полируется.

The most popular today are gels of the brand FSM, BO, ZO, Giorgio, RuNail, Global, Cappachini. The products of the companies Lady Victory and IRISK are considered more elite, which is reflected in its price. Gel compositions are one-, two- and three-phase. Single-phase composition is represented by a single drug that simultaneously provides adhesion of the coating to the nail plate, formation and strength of the structure. In two-phase formulations, one drug is responsible for the first two functions, the second – for the third. In three-phase – three drugs: adherent, modeling and imparting strength.

Pay attention to the viscosity of the gel, on which its modeling properties depend. It should be optimal, because with high density, it can be difficult to form a beautiful nail, and a low viscosity will cause the gel to crack and get on the cuticle.

Remember that a poor quality product is indicated by the presence of an unpleasant pungent odor, yellowing and a strong irritant effect on the skin. These symptoms are observed in inexpensive Chinese gels, in which there is methacrylic acid.

Acidless gels have a more gentle effect. American and European manufacturers are more demanding on the environmental friendliness and quality of their products. In its composition, instead of cheap methacrylic acid, includes more expensive and high-quality components, hence the solid price.

Gels of Russian production, for example NOGTIKA, are recognized as qualitative and inexpensive at the same time. These are acid-free helium-lacquer are used not only to model nails, but also to cover natural. For fast polymerization, choose a suitable ultraviolet lamp and gels from one manufacturer.

Please note that all materials intended for nail extensions are allergens. The allergic reaction is most often manifested in the form of itching and burning around the nail bed. For more expensive formulations, as a rule, hypoallergenicity is characteristic (INFINITI, Astonishing). However, individual sensitivity to individual substances should not be ruled out. Even with the use of expensive gel, one should not allow contact with the skin and the cuticle.

Recently, the method of coating with a "living polymer" has been used. Own nails under such a coating, which "breathes" and promotes the removal of moisture and metabolic products, are protected from thinning and drying out. With the help of a living polymer, you can completely restore the damaged nail, because it is not harder than natural nail plates.

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