How to choose the corrector for the skin around the eyes

How to choose the corrector for the skin around the eyes
Even if you care for your face, the skin around your eyes grows merciless. Mirror more and more disappointing and disappointing. There are several methods to hide newly appeared wrinkles, one of the simple techniques involves a cosmetic corrector.

What is a proofreader?

In a large mass of cosmetics corrector appeared recently, another name of the corrector – concealer. The concealer helps to hide skin imperfections and creases in the eye area. Eyelids around the eyes are thin and easily stretched, under the eyes most often there are wrinkles, swelling and darkening is formed. The corrector easily copes with this problem and your face will shine again with a wonderful shade. Some correctors are able to dry and heal pimples due to the content of salicylic acid. The corrector not only masks skin imperfections, but also is able to treat and protect from ultraviolet rays.

There are four types of corrector

Pencil concealer: perfect for masking small spots, pimples and moles. The concealer-pencil is very popular among teenagers. The consistency of the pencil is very dense, so it is applied to a specific area of ??the skin.

Corrector-stick: tight structure of the concealer is preferable for oily skin. Corrects age spots and freckles.

The liquid proof-reader: irreplaceable for masking of circles under the eyes is in general a universal concealer and it is convenient in application. It is packed in a tube, usually closed with a lid with a brush, which serves as an applicator for applying concealer to the skin under the eyes. Spot the corrector, patting with your fingertips, without stretching the skin around the eyes.

Corrector-cream: suitable for the skin with pronounced problems. The compacted mass easily cope with wrinkles and bruises, can hide small scars.

The corrector allows you to achieve a flawless complexion, hide all the imperfections of your appearance.

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