How to choose the color of nail polish

How to choose the color of nail polish
The choice of nail polish depends on your taste and fashion. It is necessary to take into account other nuances, for example, the shade of the skin, the time of the year and the situation. Keep in mind the texture – depending on it, the varnishes of the same color may look different.

Appreciate the shade of your skin. Some varnishes can give it an unpleasant yellowness, redness or deathly pallor. In order not to be mistaken, apply the varnish to the transparent tips in two or three layers, and then attach it to the nail. Please note that the color in the bottle may differ from the shade, which will turn out on the nails.

Be especially attentive with varnishes of pink-beige scale. For swarthy skin, it's better to choose shades without yellowness, warm creamy and creamy tones are suitable. Gray pale beige and cold pink enamels harmonize with a pale skin with a pink pod.

The choice of color depends on the length of the nails. Short plates are especially effective with a dark shiny varnish. Try black, dark violet, thick blue, chocolate or cherry enamel. These shades visually stretch and extend the nails, giving grace to the fingers. Suitable and shiny metallic gold, silver, bronze and copper shades.

Nails of medium length are good varnishes with special effects – holographic, sand and glitter. It is on these nails beautiful look thermolacs, magnetic versions with patterns, bright enamels, as well as matte varnishes with a vinyl or suede effect. Take into account that bright bright varnishes visually shorten and extend the nails.

Long nails should not be covered with dark or bright colors, the manicure will be too flashy and vulgar. Try pastel shades, translucent light varnishes. You can choose white, cream, gently-gray or doll-pink scales.

Choosing varnishes for everyday wear, pay attention to fashionable complex colors. Gray-green, bluish-gray, gray-brown and pinkish-beige tones are perfectly combined with business clothes and do not attract excessive attention to the hands. Clean bright and dramatically dark lacquers left for the evening.

If the office has a strict dress code, discard bright unusual varnishes. Your choice – an extensive cream-beige scale, as well as classic French manicure in pinkish-nude tones. Picking up the varnish, keep in mind the shade of the skin. Beige scale is considered one of the most moody in the sock.

Take into account the seasonality. In summer you can afford unusual fashion shades. Lemon, orange, mint, neon-blue varnishes perfectly in harmony with the open dresses and tan. In the autumn, sophisticated dirty tones, emphasizing the elegance of the hands and harmonizing with wool jersey, tweed and drape, are fashionable. In winter, the time comes bright, clear lacquers and classic red and gold colors. Well, and in the spring it is worth trying gentle flower tones: lilac, pink, pastel blue.

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