How to choose the color of lenses

How to choose the color of lenses
Change your appearance today can be very simple and affordable for many ways – to wear colored contact lenses. Quite often it happens that acquiring contact lenses, people after a while are disappointed in them, because the color of their eyes seems completely different than during fitting in a store or on a package.

To remain pleased with your purchase, it is important to choose the right color of contact lenses. First, if you are going to try on different types of contact lenses, it is better to go to optics Without makeup and in neutral colors. Otherwise, it may turn out that you will choose lenses that fit well only to one image, but they will not combine with other versions of clothing and make-up.

Secondly, before that, how to do it your choice, think about which lenses you would like to have: toning that simply accentuates the natural color of your eyes, or colored, with which you can radically change the tone of the iris, the shape of the pupil, and so on. It is worth noting that your choice at this stage should depend on how dark the natural color of your eyes is. Tinted lenses look better on dark eyes, but can also approach some light gray shades, and color contact lenses on the dark irises look unnatural.

Самый простой способ подобрать наилучший вариант оттенка цветных линз – посетить оптику. В крупных специализированных магазинах вам могут предложить примерить разные оттенки, а если вы собираетесь надеть линзы впервые, подберут оптимальный материал для них. Однако если вы не уверены в том, что в оптике вам не предложат примерить линзы, которые уже кто-то надевал, лучше не пользоваться этой услугой, поскольку вы можете получить серьезное заболевание. Кроме того, освещение в магазине может быть довольно ярким, и придя домой, вы обнаружите, что купили линзы слишком темного цвета.

A safer and more convenient, but not always accurate, option is the use of special computer programs. You can try to pick up the color of the lenses at home, for example, with the help of photoshop, but in this case you can not be completely sure that lenses of this shade generally exist. You can also use various Internet sites offering such a service. But it is best to turn to optics, where all the possible variants of colored lenses that are available or available can be ordered in the computer memory. With the help of a web camera, a specialist will upload your image, and you will be able to find suitable lenses for yourself.

При подборе оттенка глаз, учитывайте цвет своих волос, кожи лица, ресниц, бровей, одежду, которая имеется у вас в гардеробе (если нет возможности купить сразу несколько пар линз или новые вещи под цвет глаз).

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