How to choose the best model of a hair dryer

How to choose the best model of a hair dryer
For the first time, hair dryers started to be produced in 40-ies of the last century in Germany. Since then, this device has been significantly upgraded, but the principle of its operation has remained the same and consists in the supply of heated air in the desired direction. Hair dryer is an appliance with which you can quickly and efficiently lay your hair. In modern stores a wide range of hair dryers is presented. Each woman can choose for herself the most suitable model for all parameters.

When choosing a hair dryer, you first need to focus on its power. This parameter determines the speed of air flow, which will be issued by the device. When choosing a capacity, you should focus on your own needs.

Мощность до 1500 Ватт имеют небольшие дорожные фены, которые очень удобно брать с собой. Такой прибор незаменим в пути. Он подойдет обладательницам коротких стрижек. К сожалению, скорость сушки волос маломощным феном недостаточно высока.

For home use, it is recommended to choose a hair dryer having an output of 1500-2000 Watt. They are quite effective and suitable for daily use. Devices with a power of more than 2000 Watt are classified as professional. With their help, you can very quickly dry your head. The speed of drying can be so high that a woman just does not have time to lay her hair. That's why such models are intended for use by professional stylists.

When choosing a hairdryer, you must always pay attention to the availability of different modes of operation. Almost all instruments have a temperature control button and an air force control button, each of which can be set in several positions. The more positions a hair dryer has, the easier it is to choose the optimum drying regime.

Choosing a device for styling, you need to give preference to quality models. For home use it is not necessary to buy hairdryers with a folding handle. They very often break down. Before buying, you should hold the device in your hands. It should not be too heavy, since devices with a large weight are inconvenient to use.

Air flows that come out of the dryer do not always match the user's needs. To concentrate or, on the contrary, to disperse them, special nozzles are needed. Their number significantly affects the value of the goods. For home use, enough hair dryer with 2 nozzles.

Насадка-концентратор позволяет направить сконцентрировать воздушный поток в заданном направлении. Насадка-диффузор предназначена для рассеивания потока воздуха. Ее очень удобно использовать для придания волосам объема.

Some manufacturers produce hair dryers with nozzles in the form of rotating round combs. These models are quite comfortable to use, but during their use, you can damage your hair. Such devices, as a rule, have low power, so the speed of installation is achieved by a stronger heating of the air.

Перед началом укладки нужно обязательно распределить гель или мусс для волос по всей их длине. Средство обязательно должно быть термозащитным. Это позволяет сохранить здоровье волос, предотвратить их ломкость.

During the work of the device for packing, dust enters it, as a result of which the quality of its operation deteriorates substantially. A good hair dryer should be equipped with a filter that can be easily cleaned.

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