How to choose tea for weight loss

How to choose tea for weight loss
On the shelves of pharmacies a wide range of tea for weight loss. They block calories, reduce appetite, dissolve fats, which leads to weight loss. But not always it is necessary to trust advertising, after all their purpose – business, and for people with excess weight – to find a qualitative tool, without doing harm to health. Therefore, the choice of tea should be approached responsibly.

Remember, the safest teas have a diuretic effect, a soothing effect. They normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract and accelerate the metabolism. Natural herbs and dried berries give the drink a pleasant aroma, so they require the addition of sugar, which leads to a low calorie diet. Such teas contain essential minerals and vitamins.

Carefully study the ingredients that make up the tea. If it consists only of herbs, you can safely abandon it, as they provoke dehydration and diarrhea. The result will be a violation of the body's balance and nutrient deficiency. The presence of natural ingredients is welcome: herbs and berries.

Pay attention to the leaves, they should be a silvery-green color, although it all depends on the variety. But poor-quality goods have an earthy, dark shade. High-quality Chinese green teas are considered, they have pistachio coloring.

Do not be guided by the price, not all good products are expensive. Never buy herbal teas outdoors or with hands.

Look carefully at the packaging. It should contain all information on Russian language: the name and address of the manufacturer, shelf life, list of ingredients, pharmacological action, certificate, rules for admission and contraindications.

Make sure that the herbs that make up the cleansing tea do not cause an allergic reaction. Before beginning the use of tea for weight loss, consult a doctor if possible.

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