How to choose sunscreen

How to choose sunscreen
A beautiful and even tan looks very good. But if, tanning in the sun, do not take precautions, the likelihood of getting a burn is very high. In addition, the skin, which is not protected from ultraviolet radiation, grows older faster, and malignant formations may appear. Therefore, even swarthy people should use sunscreen creams.

Buy cream, butter or a tanning emulsion. Consistency choose, based on your own preferences. But the spray is more convenient because it is applied faster. The product forms an invisible protective film on the skin, which is a reliable barrier against harmful radiation and reduces the harmful effects of sunlight.

Sunscreens protect your body from burns. But for the face, buy a separate remedy, since the skin on it is much more tender and sensitive. This cream will saturate it with vitamins, soften it and tone it. In a strong heat, apply a means not only on the beach, but also under makeup before every exit to the street.

Sunscreens are washable and water resistant. The latter use for long-term protection, and during bathing. Thanks to this remedy, you do not have to apply it to the skin every time after dipping into the water. This cream should only be renewed in 2 hours.

Find out to which phototype your skin belongs. The first is people with red hair, white skin and light eyes. They are more often than others exposed to sunburn. If you belong to this phototype, buy a cream with SPF (protection index) 50 +. This tool is suitable for the second phototype (blond, white people with blue eyes).

The third phototype is people with dark skin, dark hair and gray eyes. Если вы подпадаете под данное description, вам нужен солнцезащитный крем с фактором защиты 20-30 единиц. Это касается и четвертого фототипа (те же критерии, только Brown eyes).

К 5 фототипу относятся люди с очень смуглой кожей, почти черными волосами и темно-карими глазами. Если вы относитесь к их числу, вам нужен крем с SPF 15+. Представители шестого фототипа (черная кожа, волосы и глаза) могут обойтись без солнцезащитного крема, поскольку у них очень много меланина, который естественным путем оберегает кожу от вредного воздействия ультрафиолетового излучения.

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