How to choose shampoo for split hair

How to choose shampoo for split hair
Dry and lifeless hair can spoil the impression of the most fashionable styling. To defeat the problem of split ends, you need to choose the right means for caring for your hair. Of course, not only the used shampoo and balm depends on the condition of the hair. However, cosmetics that can improve the appearance of hair, too, can bring a lot of benefit in the recovery of visited tips.

Most often, hair begins to be cut with inadequate nutrition, the lack of necessary vitamins in the proper amount. Curls become dry and after regular stains, perm, use of a hair dryer, ironing, curling. To restore the hair natural shine and elasticity, you need to choose a restoring shampoo.

It is necessary that the shampoo has a soft cleansing base. All because cosmetics with SLS or lauryl sulfate overdry the scalp and curls, so using it, you can achieve the opposite effect. When buying shampoo for split hair, be sure to check if it contains aggressive cleaning ingredients. These include lauryl sulfate, which destroys the protective layer of sebum and makes hair brittle. To care for split hair, it is important to find a moisturizer. It helps to remove dry head of hair.

Traditionally, shampoos contain keratin for problem hair. This protein helps restore the curls. Also it will be beneficial to influence the head of hair cosmetics with ceramides, which protect the hair membrane from the negative impact of the environment. A good choice will be a shampoo with provitamin B5 or panthenol, which helps to keep moisture inside the hair. It is worth giving preference to cosmetics with ultraviolet filter. SPF in the shampoo will block the harmful effect of sunlight in relation to damaged hair.

Optimum, if shampoo for split hair includes natural oils like jojoba, avocado, almond, coconut. These ingredients will help to nourish the hair. It is desirable that the product contains and plant extracts – chamomile, wheat germ, string, nettle, etc. They also have a positive effect on the appearance of the hair, give them strength. Smoothness and elasticity of the curls will be given by lecithin and lanolin.

When buying shampoo for split ends, remember that a good effect of the product will be given if the makeup is matched to the type of hair. The result will be even higher if in addition to the "right" shampoo complex care will include balms, hair masks of the same brand. By the way, there is no need to change these funds regularly, as many people believe. Hair does not "get used" to the shampoo of the same brand, so you can use your favorite makeup for a long time. And buying therapeutic shampoos is best in pharmacies or specialized stores.

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