How to choose perfume

How to choose perfume
Spirits are an important part of the female image. From the correct selection of perfume product will depend on how harmonious the image will be in general.

Types of perfume and their main characteristics

Many women imagine their life without the use of perfume. Spirits give them confidence in their own irresistibility and help to attract men's attention. Perfumery is a very common gift that women receive from their Men. Многие представительницы прекрасного пола предпочитают покупать такую продукцию самостоятельно, ориентируясь лишь на собственный вкус. При этом будет совершенно не лишним знать некоторые правила подбора нужного аромата.

Coming to the perfume shop, you must immediately determine the acceptable price category of the product and its concentration. The most expensive are considered to be perfume. They are the most concentrated and the most resistant. Weak concentration is parfumed water, and most unconcentrated and unstable are the toilet waters. To find out which category a specific product of imported production belongs to, it is necessary to pay attention to the inscription on a vial or a cardboard box. The word "parfum" means that this fragrance is concentrated perfume, the inscription "eau de parfum" means that the bottle contains perfumed water, "eau de toilette" – toilet water.

Choose the right type of flavor, which is most suitable for the price category and its purpose. For example, perfumes and perfumed water are perfect for evening outings and cold seasons. In hot season it is best to use toilet water.

The world leader in the production of perfume products is France. It is the French perfume considered the most qualitative. They differ from cheaper scents by their versatility. If the funds permit, it is better a small bottle of French perfume, than a cheaper perfume product that does not enjoy consumer demand.

Selection of fragrance with individual characteristics

Having defined the type of perfume and cosmetic product and its price category, it is necessary to choose the most suitable one from the presented variety of aromas. It is known that brunettes and brown-haired women are more saturated with spirits with oriental, spicy, fruity notes. Blondes are fresher, more tender, airy fragrances.

When choosing a perfume it is important to take into account the time of day and where exactly the woman assumes to wear them. In the evening and for the dates are more appropriate heavier, sweet perfume. For work, country rest, walks, you need to pick up more neutral and restrained aromas.

In any case, the spirits you like should be tested on yourself. To do this, they need to be applied to the skin and wait for a while. It is advisable not to make a purchase on the same day. You need to listen to your own feelings and observe how the fragrance will unfold, how resistant it will be.

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