How to choose perfume for winter

How to choose perfume for winter
To not be mistaken with the choice of perfume for winters, you need to know a number of important rules. Selecting perfume for the cold season is somewhat more difficult than for summer, because you can easily miss and get too light or too heavy.

When choosing perfumes for winter, give preference to more intense, concentrated and long-lasting fragrances. The circulation of cold air is slower than the circulation of warm air. The skin becomes drier in winter, and therefore less actively reflects the smell. Finally, at this time of the year, as a whole, the sense of smell in people is dulled. All this leads to the fact that light, slightly concentrated perfumes, not to mention the colognes and toilet water, are almost not audible.

Избегайте традиционных летних ароматов: озоновых, зеленых, большинства цитрусовых и фруктовых. Слабые нотки цветов и фруктов не смогут удержаться даже на вашем шарфе.

Ideal for winter – amber, or, as they are called, oriental fragrances. Tough, tart, saturated, they have a long train and stay with you for the whole day. The fragrances of this family are not necessarily "age", heavy or sugary, everyone will be able to choose an option that will be to their liking. A magnificent selection of oriental fragrances offers selective perfumery.

Более экзотический вариант для любителей экспериментов – кожаные ароматы. Они предназначены только для осени и зимы. Они, как правило, строятся на аккорде можжевельника, березы и табака.

If the above options are still unacceptable for you, look for aromas that are lighter, but with stable notes: uda, musk, wood, fern.

A universal recommendation for the purchase of perfumes: listen to aromas not from a blotter (paper probe), but on your skin. Often spirits that perfectly open on your skin, from the bottle or from the probe sound unconvincing. This is especially true of bright evening and winter flavors. Trying spirits, do not grind them, as this changes their formula, and hence the smell.

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