How to choose natural essential oil

How to choose natural essential oil
Not always in your shampoo or cream are those or other vitamins and nutrients promised by the manufacturer. And to buy expensive products made on a natural basis, not everyone can afford.

To help come essential oils containing various minerals, acids, vitamins, proteins, etc., nourishing your skin, nails and hair.

To choose oil it is necessary according to your problem and at the first application to check up on an allergy, since. any essential oil can both help you with your problem, and it's easy to harm if misused. I also advise you to begin by adding to your base shampoo or cream only 1 drops of essential oil to eventually determine your dose.

Requirements for essential oil:

1) When selecting essential oil, look at the "100%" icon. The presence of this icon indicates that this is natural oil.

2) The oil pan should be made of dark glass. This is a mandatory requirement, essential oils do not like light.

3) As mentioned earlier, choose the oil based on your problem. Everyone has his own role and you need to know, which to choose.

Observance of such simple but important rules will help you in choosing your ideal essential oil, because it is so important to look beautiful without causing significant harm to your skin!

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