How to choose nail polish

How to choose nail polish
Well-groomed hands, perfect manicure is an object of special pride of any woman. No wonder they say: "It's beautiful to the tips nails". Quality manicure assumes quality polish, ideally lying on the nail. As from all the variety that manufacturers are offering today polishs, choose the best product, sometimes it seems a difficult task. But this is only at first glance so.

First of all, pay attention to the form ?polishshe is. If it is too intricate, there is a chance that polish будет неоднородно распределяться по объему пузырька. Это чревато неравномерным окрашиванием nail. The best form of ?polishit is for polishа является цилиндрическая.

Carefully read composition. For the quality polishа отвечают такие компоненты, как бутиловый и этиловый спирт, дифутилфталат либо Castor oil, silicic acids or bentonites. The presence of these components will make behavior polishа на ногте predictable: it will be smooth and easy to apply, long hold, fast dry.

Choose polish, ориентируясь на структуру собственного ногтя. «Ребристость» ноготка еще больше подчеркнут перламутровые polishand, while bright or dark polishи преподнесут short rounded nails in a very unfavorable light.

Be sure to pay attention to the brush. Have a good polishа она не слишком tough and is made of villi length. Если положить «правильную» кисточку на ноготок, то край ее ворса полностью повторит рельеф лунки ногтя.

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