How to choose massage trays

How to choose massage trays
During his life a person on average overcomes 50 thousand kilometers, and these are millions of steps. The legs of a person do a great job and therefore require constant care of themselves. On the feet of a person there are a lot of nerve endings, influencing them with the help of massagers, you can get an amazing result.

At least once a week, but the legs can be pampered with such a bath, then make a pedicure and apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream. And if you are a fan of high heels, then in a day such a procedure will be very useful. Depending on the intended purpose of their use, massage baths there are hydromassage, therapeutic, hardening, tonic, cleansing and so on.

When buying a massage baths Consideration of design and ergonomics is essential. Pay attention to the following characteristics.

Stability of the device. It should have rubber feet or a strong non-slip base, should not be light. The least successful form for baths, this hemisphere, such a device can overturn when used, which is unsafe.

Возможность непосредственно пальцем ноги переключать режимы, поэтому клавиши и кнопки предпочтительнее поворотных переключателей. Желательно вхождение в комплект поставки пульта дистанционного управления.

It is better if the bath has a perforated acupuncture bottom, made of soft plastic pleasant to the touch.

Essential to the feet have dimensions baths. There are models of supercompact, in which the legs of large size simply do not fit.

A device for hanging additional attachments or a place in the casing for their storage.

Heating elements mounted in the bottom baths, are responsible for maintaining the temperature and heating the water.

Максимальная стандартная потребляемая мощность массажной baths 110 watts. To maintain the temperature of the water in the bath warm is a normal figure, but it is not enough for heating. Please note, if the instructions include turbo massage, infrared lamp, heating water, and the power of the device does not even reach 70 watts, most likely, you have to warm yourself up on your own.

The device must be attached instruction with an exhaustive description of the safe use of the device.

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