How to choose mascara

How to choose mascara
Thick and long eyelashes are the dream of many women. Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of such beauty. That's why it's so important to be able to choose the right mascara for eyelashes that will emphasize your eyes, and the look will make it more expressive.

Decide which one ink вам нужна: удлиняющая, объемная или водостойкая. Объемная обволакивает eyelashes and makes them visually more dense. It includes microgranules of wax and coal dust, and the brush has uniform bristles.

If you want long eyelashes – buy an extension ink. Она содержит микропротеин, синтетическое или натуральное fiber (silk, nylon). The brush can be straight with uniform bristles or curved, which tightens the cilia.

Приобретите водостойкую ink, it is indispensable for sports activities in the pool and during rainy weather. Waterproof cosmetics contains resins that do not allow it to spread, and remove such ink can only be a special tool.

Для того чтобы укрепить слабые реснички, купите лечебную ink. Она представляет собой прозрачный гель и содержит микроэлементы, витамины, протеины, кератин и касторовое масло. Лечебный продукт можно использовать отдельно или в качестве основы под обычную ink.Если вы носите контактные линзы, то выберите специальную ink, which is approved by ophthalmologists.

Pay attention to the expiration date and the consistency of the product. Good ink externally should be similar to a cream, do not roll down, do not shower, lie down on eyelashes тонким слоем, не склеивая их. Понюхайте ink, it should not have a pronounced chemical odor.

Read the contents of the product carefully. Useful substances for eyelashes are castor oil, vitamins and proteins, keratin and lanolin. To reduce the negative effect of sunlight, choose ink with melanin and UV blockers.

Examine the package, it should include information about the composition of the product, its name, manufacturer's coordinates, production date and shelf life. After three months of use ink нужно выбросить, так как она высыхает, а еще в ней могут развиться микроорганизмы и вызвать аллергию или конъюнктивит.

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