How to choose makeup for walnut eyes

How to choose makeup for walnut eyes
The nut color of the eyes is truly unique, as it constantly changes shades, turning into dark-brown, then emerald green. That's why it's sometimes very difficult for the eye to pick up the make-up of the owners of this color. In search of universal makeup for the eyes of walnut color can help what usually always prevents their owners – the variability of the hue – it can play into your hands. To begin with, you will need to determine which shade your eyes acquire in different conditions – at a party, disco, at the office, during a walk, etc. Depending on where you are going to, you will need to choose makeup.

Make-up for every day

If you want to look irresistible every day and do not spend a lot of time choosing the color range of makeup, you should stick to simple advice. First, for everyday use it is better to choose brown mascara. Especially it concerns red and fair-haired girls who have a hazel eye color. Brunettes can also use classic black ink, but it is preferably non-waterproof.

Secondly, to use podvodku every day owners of walnut eyes is not worth it. In the event that you need to visually correct the shape of the eyes, you can apply liquid pencil or a pencil of brown tones or black. For example, if you have big eyes, then a black pencil applied along the edge of the upper and lower eyelid with a thick line can reduce them in size.

Girls with a hazel eye color can use eye shadow only a few colors – brown, blue and gray. It is best to avoid too saturated or faded shades. Despite the stereotypical opinion, shadows of green shades to owners of walnut eyes are worth trying with great care, especially if under the eyes there are dark circles from lack of sleep or any disease.

Makeup for walnut eyes for special occasions

For parties, celebrations, corporate events, girls with hazel eyes can choose more saturated shades of shades, eyeliner and black ink, as well as bright lipstick. For example, peach, beige, brown-red, burgundy and bodily-pink shades of lipstick look good with peanut eyes.

It is not necessary to use bright pink lipstick in a combination to the sated shadows for blepharons – it is better to adhere to a rule "an accent either on eyes, or on labiums". One of the ideal makeup options for a girl with hazel eyes on a gala evening is smoky eyes and lipstick of pastel shades.

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