How to choose makeup for summer

How to choose makeup for summer
Those women who want to preserve their natural beauty for a long time, when choosing cosmetics should take into account the factor of seasonality. If in winter the main enemy of the skin is frost, then in the summer – dry wind and sun, which can become no less severe stress.

To nourish and moisturize the skin in the summer, choose cosmetics containing sunscreen that protects it from photoaging. Choose cosmetics for the summer should be on water or oxygen basis, selecting means taking into account your skin type. Apply moisturizing cream in small amounts, distributing them on the skin in a uniform thin layer, so as not to provoke the release of droplets of sweat on the skin of the face.

Use, especially in the open air, special sunscreen. Consider your skin type and when choosing such protection. If your skin is light and sensitive, then the SPF protection factor should be at least 11-30 units. It is also better to give preference to gels on a water basis, rather than fatty creams. Choose a remedy that includes vitamin E, which prevents overdrying of the skin and protects it from sunburn.

In the event that you still suffered from the sun and the skin turned red, get the cream that you use after sunbathing. They will remove redness and itching, prevent peeling of the upper layer of the skin. Such cream should contain fruit acids, collagen, menthol, allontoin, bisalol, mint and string extracts, essential oils of almonds, peaches.

Stock up with ready-made cosmetic masks for the summer, including for the body. Protection is required for the face, hands and neck, most prone to the negative effects of direct sunlight. For dry skin, choose the formulations containing honey and chamomile extract, for oily – yarrow extract, horsetail.

In the summer your skin will not do without a refreshing tonic or lotion, but they should not contain alcohol, which simply "drains" moisture from the skin and breaks its water balance. When dry and sensitive skin is not recommended to use cosmetics, which include extracts of parsley, dill or bergamot. Women with problem skin can use lotions or tonics with boron, paraaminobenzoic and salicylic acid, containing retinoids.

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