How to choose makeup for men

How to choose makeup for men
If you do not know what to give on the anniversary of your lover, then a great gift will be men's cosmetics. But it is important to know by what criteria to make a choice, so as not to be mistaken.

To competently pick up men's cosmetics, you need to know the type of skin and hair of your chosen one. After all, the skin is oily, dry, and also combined. The same applies to hair. Modern young people prefer to use a large set of cosmetics. In addition to cologne, a traditional shaving gel and lotion, there are also hand cream, face cream, as well as hygienic lipstick from the weathering of the lips.

British scientists found that a third of men constantly use a variety of cosmetics, and take them from their friends. For example, pampered hands are trying to save with an expensive eye cream, which is completely unreasonable. A man must certainly have his own uhodovaya cosmetics. It is important to choose it correctly. It should be borne in mind that the skin of men has great advantages. She begins to grow old later than women, and she also has a higher density. Men's skin also differs in that it secrete more sebum, so that it needs constant cleaning and care.

Those who want to pick up cosmetics for their men, it is worth paying attention to the condition of men's skin, as well as age. If your chosen one is more than thirty years old, he already has small wrinkles, get for him the means that have in his composition vitamin C, caffeine, and also mint extract. To young guys the set consisting of a clearing gel, skraba, tonic, and also a humidifying cream perfectly will approach. Believe me, your chosen one will be happy if you give him such a set.

Cosmetics for men it is desirable to buy in a large cosmetic store, it is advisable that there was a consultant nearby, ready to help you with a choice. Men who follow not only their shoes and clothes, but also the skin, look more respectable, so they bathe in female compliments and enjoy great success at work.

In the arsenal of each man must necessarily be a cleansing mask. It is desirable that the choice is made on kaolin masks that have an active cleansing effect. You can make a mask yourself by buying clay from any pharmacy. It should be diluted to a creamy mass and applied to the skin. Also, to care for themselves, men should have a good scrub that performs the function of exfoliating the epidermis, as well as cleansing the skin of contaminants. Well, if you also buy your choice of sunscreen for the face, because the skin, if it does not protect from the sun, ages earlier.

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