How to choose makeup brushes? Advice of specialists

How to choose makeup brushes? Advice of specialists
Кисти из натурального или искусственного ворса – удобный аксессуар для нанесения макияжа. Именно такими приспособлениями пользуются профессиональные визажисты. Соберите индивидуальный набор аксессуаров, включающий в себя кисти для тонального крема, пудры, румян, теней и помад.
Решите, какие именно кисти вам нужны. Нет необходимости покупать готовые наборы, обычно более половины предметов в них оказываются невостребованными. Если вы не пользуетесь тональным кремом или предпочитаете наносить помаду из тюбика, вряд ли вам понадобится кисть для тона и контура губ. Тем, кто любит сложный макияж глаз, будет недостаточно стандартной кисти для теней. Им потребуются аксессуары для нанесения, растушевки, обозначения контуров век.

It is not necessary to buy products of expensive brands. On sale there are products of the category mass-market, made at a decent level. Much more important is the quality of the brushes. At purchase check up their density, packing, reliability of fastening of a pile. Brushes should be evenly trimmed, without hairs protruding.

Decide which pile suits you. Brushes made of artificial fiber are more hygienic. They will suit girls with oily skin, prone to inflammation. Synthetic brushes are easy to clean and dry quickly, do not deform and do not shed. In addition, they are cheaper. Artificial hairs can have different softness, density and elasticity. Such brushes are indispensable for working with liquid and creamy textures. Use them for applying tonal means, correctors, cream and gel shades and blush, eyeliner and lipstick.

Brushes made of natural nap are more expensive. However, among them there is a hierarchy. The most accessible accessories are goat hair. Products from ponies are more expensive, and to the highest category are brushes made from squirrel or marten. They are very soft and very pleasant to work with.

Приобретая кисти, купите специальную жидкость для их очистки. Она хорошо дезинфицирует ворс и продлевает срок жизни аксессуаров.

Among the minuses of natural brushes – increased hygroscopicity of the hairs. They absorb cosmetics and skin fat, are more difficult to clean and can cause inflammation. Brushes made from natural nap are more suitable for dry loose products: shadows, powder, pressed blush and sparkles.

Choose the size and shape of the brushes. To apply a tone you need a densely packed flat brush of medium size. A brush of the same kind, but of a smaller size, is useful for applying a corrector and sculpting a face with hailers and bronzers. Powder is conveniently applied with a round soft kabuki brush or a fluffy flat brush on a long handle. To work with loose powder use accessories with softer pile, compact products require dense brushes.

Those who travel a lot, it is worth buying duplicates of your favorite brushes in the road version. Such accessories have convenient covers and shortened or telescopic handles.

It is convenient to apply shadows with a flat brush with a rounded edge. For feathering, you need an accessory with a pile, trimmed in the form of a cone. You can draw your eyes with a thin round brush with a curved handle, it allows you to draw very thin arrows. If you like a brighter and dramatic make-up, use a brush with a flat, obliquely cut bristle.

For blush, you need a round brush that looks like an accessory for applying powder, but a little smaller. Another option is a product with a dense, obliquely cut pile. Such a brush is convenient to sculpt the face with a dry bronzer or blush.

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