How to choose make-up for eye color

How to choose make-up for eye color
Beginning to impose makeup, it is necessary to remember the expressiveness of the eyes. With the help of decorative cosmetics, you can either help yourself by emphasizing them, or harm them. That's why you need to know how to properly "allocate" the eyes.

Makeup artists know the concepts of the color circle and the combination of colors. Moreover, it is clear that if you place a number of contrasting colors, they will emphasize each other, making it brighter.

The role of color

Before you start to list colors, it is worth considering that using colors on the moving part of the century, such as on the iris itself, you can make it less bright. Thus, the eye will fade. If it is below the eyelid, then the iris, on the contrary, will become brighter.

When creating makeup for eye color, the following should be considered:

1. Green-eyed can come up with black, brown and almost all existing shades of gray, from light to the color of coal. Excellent will look different shades of purple: starting with reddish and lilac, ending with cornflower and lavender. Emerald shade can be obtained using shades of copper color with red tint, dark shades of violet, blue or terracotta. It is better not to use bright red.

2. Brown-eyed will suit different shades of violet: from lilac and violet, ending with cornflower and violet. Different shades of blue and blue look good. You can make your eyes shine using apricot, peach, golden or silver hues. Important in this case is the foundation for eye make-up.

3. The blue color of the eyes can be emphasized brown, golden, bronze or peach. It looks good marsh, gray, pink, plum and lilac. Beautifully look all the reddish hues: starting with a light yellow, ending with rust or rich copper.

4. Girls with a gray iris lucky most, because they come to almost any color. It is known that gray is considered neutral. It is necessary that such colors are simply no frills. It is advantageous to emphasize the color, using silvery and steel shades.


It is advisable to choose makeup under the shape of the eyes to get the perfect result. It is worth considering some points:

1. If the corners drop a little, you just need to shade the arrow on the top of the eyelid, which stretches closer to the temple.
2. When the eyelid is slightly overhanging from above, it is necessary to slightly depress the crease in the mobile age.
3. You can bring your eyes too wide apart, darkening the inner part of the eyelid.
4. Too close the position of the eyes can be slightly removed from each other, shading the shadows on the outer corner of the eye.
5. Не стоит по контуру обводить круглые глаза. Их можно слегка удлинить, используя стрелку, которая будет выходить немного за внешние края.

Используя все эти приемы, можно придать глазам еще большей глубины и выразительности.

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