How to choose jewelry

How to choose jewelry
Fashionable jewelry will quickly turn a classic dress into an avant-garde or romantic outfit. It is not necessary to buy products of famous brands – inexpensive brands also produce quite decent things. Collect your own set for all occasions and update it with new ones every season – so you will always look stylish.

Перед тем как отправляться в магазин, переберите содержимое своей шкатулки с украшениями. Возможно, среди браслетов и сережек найдутся вещицы, о которых вы совсем забыли. Не исключено, что вы не носите их, потому что не можете найти подходящие украшения для комплекта. Подыщите среди новинок кольцо, которое дополнит уже имеющиеся у вас серьги.

Flip through the fashion magazines – there's a lot of information about the colors and shapes that are relevant this season. Even if you do not plan to acquire the latest innovations in the jewelry industry, keep them in mind. In collections of democratic jewelry brands you can find products that fully correspond to the fashion trends of leading jewelry houses.

Think about what jewelry you wear more often. If you do not leave home without a pair of favorite rings, pay attention to the rings. Lovers necklaces worth trying on chains, beads and necklaces of different styles. If you do not wear brooches, decorative pins or wide bracelets, do not buy them – most likely, new things will remain in the casket.

Look for new jewelry in branded jewelry departments, jewelery stores or stores of favorite brands of clothes. In clothing boutiques you can find small seasonal collections, ideally suited to fashionable dresses, blouses and coats. Interesting jewelry can be chosen in vintage or antique shops. Take an interest in the assortment of ethnic shops – for example, Indian or Chinese. Among spices, figurines and textiles, sometimes very original ornaments are found.

Choosing the right thing, be sure to try it on. Fasteners should be firmly fixed, rings and bracelets – free to put on and not to fall off. The ideal option – to measure jewelry with clothes, with which you plan to wear it.

Make sure that the decorations are made qualitatively, the stones are firmly strengthened, there are no scratches and jags on the metal. If you are allergic to non-precious metals, make sure that the alloys do not contain nickel, which is what most often causes skin irritation. When buying jewelry, ask for a certificate of compliance and carefully check the authenticity of the thing.

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