How to choose hair curlers

How to choose hair curlers
С недавнего времени электрические щипцы для завивки стали предметом необходимости для модниц, не представляющих свой образ без кудрей. Плюс ко всему это удобно – у девушек нет необходимости посещать салоны красоты и делать долговременную укладку. Однако если слишком часто прибегать к помощи плойки, то особенно важно приобрести качественную модель. Ведь только хорошая вещь станет надежной помощницей, не наносящей вреда. Высокая температура легко может испортить волосы, а процесс восстановления локонов займет немало времени.

Modern electric stoves often have unlimited functionality. Practically in any store you can buy a hairdryer or a device with several nozzles. A steam fixture can easily replace a straightener for straightening hair, and a battery-powered device will come in handy when traveling. Therefore, the main criterion for choosing forceps should be your needs.


It depends on this parameter depends on the health of your hair. All professionals are sure that the worst option than a metal can not be imagined. The only advantage of a metal device is only cheapness. Therefore, if you are not indifferent to the condition of your hair, look for safer options. For example, such as Teflon, titanium, ceramics, glass ceramics or tourmaline. Sometimes you can find a combined coating, titanium compound with tourmaline or ceramic.

  • Teflon coating prevents hair burns, but the effect will not last. This is due to the fact that a thin layer of Teflon is covered with conventional metal instruments. Gradually it is erased, leaving a bare metal base. At the same time visually discern that the forceps have become unsafe for the hair it is almost impossible to determine. The complete opposite of such forceps are glass ceramic vats. However, these are professional tools that are very expensive. For home use it is better to pay attention to more affordable options.
  • Advantages of ceramic forceps in uniform heating. They almost do not damage locks, since they have the ability to seal hair scales and do not overdry curls. It is desirable that the working surface is completely made of ceramics.
  • Titanium pliers are durable, durable and resistant to any mechanical damage. They are ideal for thin and weakened hair. From them the curls will not be electrified and lose moisture. Similar properties have tourmaline electroplating, particles of semiprecious stone contained in them, take care of the health of any type of strands. This spraying makes the hair feel soft and radiant. One but – such a device is not at all cheap.

Diameter of the working surface of forceps

  • Narrow forceps, whose width varies from 1 to 2 cm, are well suited for laying bangs and forming tight, shallow curls.
  • The tool with a diameter of 2 – 3,2 cm will help in modeling retro-curls, as well as medium and large curls.
  • Wide pluques with a working surface from 3,8 cm are ideal for creating volumetric waves.

Keep in mind that curls have the property of stretching. This happens the stronger, the thicker and longer your hair. So, curled long thin strands may appear as medium sized curls.

Do not forget also about some other points when choosing your assistant:

  1. The higher the power of the device, the larger it will be. The speed of heating will also be faster, so not to damage the hair – the covering of the forceps should be of high quality.
  2. Thermostat and the number of temperature regimes. This will allow you to choose exactly your temperature in accordance with the type of hair.
  3. The nozzles will give the opportunity to make a variety of types of packing.
  4. The length of the cord also matters. It should be sufficient and best if the cord is rotating so as not to get tangled during operation.
  5. Additional functionality – it can be ionization, which gives strands a shine, an indicator of the willingness of the instrument to waving and much more.

Varieties of forceps

When choosing electroschips, not only the diameter but also the shape is important. This is the determining factor in the appearance of the curls. A simple cylindrical device with or without clamp creates the same curls along the entire length. Therefore, if you want to create an unusual image, pay attention to the different types of electric plates.

  • Cone curl, tapering to the top, forms more natural curls. They are wide at the roots and tight at the ends of the hair. This device can easily help you create a radical volume. Unlike the classical device, this one does not have a clamp, so during the curling you will have to fix the locks with your hand. Usually in a set with similar forceps there is a special thermal protective glove.
  • The spiral device has grooves in which the strands are laid during the curl. As a result, you will get neat curls in the form of spirals.
  • Automatic curling significantly facilitates the process of curling. Simply insert a strand of the required thickness into a specially designed connector, and the device will turn the curl itself, select the proper temperature and create an ideal wave or spring. On sale there are cone or cone automatic models.
  • Plait for large ringlets can be cylindrical, automatic or conical. With its help, you can easily form voluminous romantic curls or just slightly twist the strands along the entire length, depending on the need.
  • The double device looks like a tubular electric heater. Two cylinders are heated from the network and can perform different roles. With their help you can create festive zigzag locks on long or medium hair. But such a tool requires special experience and skill in handling.
  • Not so long ago, triple ploits with two working surfaces appeared on sale. This device is not suitable for beginners, and professionals can create spectacular waves.
  • Fen-ployka combined all the functions of a round comb and hairdryer. It will help to give the hair volume from the roots or create large curls.
  • To construct mysterious curls of unusual, as if broken, shape with triangular forceps.
  • Fine waves along the entire length of the hair will create tongs-corrugation.

Terms of Use

The main thing – your hair should be absolutely clean and dry. Dry and twist the strands at the same time is impossible. Curling wet strands, you destroy their structure and cause them harm. This rule works even if you have applied thermal protection.

Regardless of your chosen wrapping technique, first divide the hair into several working areas. This will facilitate the stacking process. Try not to curl over excessively thick locks – the curl will be more elastic and warm up better.

Pull out the finished curl carefully. Comb it with a comb with sparse teeth and only when it completely cools.

In the process of laying, do not forget about the safety precautions and the result will pleasantly please you. The tongs, with skillful handling, can work miracles, transforming straight hair into luxurious curls. Correctly selected device not only does not harm locks, but will turn perms into creativity due to the variety of techniques.

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