How to choose cosmetics for the face in 2018 year

How to choose cosmetics for the face in 2018 year
Pick right cosmetics for your type face – this is a whole art. Wrong selected means can not only create a bad impression of others around you, but also spoil the health of the skin. All cosmetics for face is divided into two main groups: decorative and skin care products.

You will need
  • – information on the type of skin;
  • – professional consultant;
  • – Cosmetologist;
  • – Make-up artist.
Define skin type and individual pattern make-up.
To be sure of the right choice of cosmetics for face, воспользуйтесь консультацией профессионалов. Потратьте немного времени и денег на визит к косметологу и визажисту. Помните: поход к специалисту – залог хорошего выбора cosmetics. First, you will learn a lot for yourself, secondly, советы профессионалов will not compare with your independent study of the features of the skin and features face.

Обращаемся за помощью к consultant магазина косметики.
Вооружившись информацией о типе кожи face and the list of decorative cosmetics that you need, we go to the store in order to get advice Representatives cosmetic brands. After you decide on the choice of cosmetics, go to the last step – "Testing and buying cosmetics."

Testing and buying cosmetics.
Cosmetics testing for face it is necessary to hold only after consultation of the expert of shop, differently you should try practically all presented assortment of means of a make up and care skin face. Often it happens that cosmetics, подходящая вам по всем parameters, when testing gives an unsatisfactory result, so before you buy everything facilities you must definitely try it in action.

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