How to choose clothes for a wedding dress

How to choose clothes for a wedding dress
Before the wedding ceremony, all the brides are carefully prepared and think over all the details of their toilet. Wedding underwear is an important aspect that must be taken into account when preparing for the ceremony.

The only requirement that is made for wedding lingerie is his imperceptibility under the dress. If the dress consists of a rigid bodice and a lush skirt, then you can completely wear lace underwear, if the dress fits the figure tightly enough, it is better to choose a seamless underwear that is made of a thin material and will be almost imperceptible.

In addition to the bodice and panties the bride will have to choose stockings or pantyhose. Preference is to give all the same stockings, because it is more convenient and looks more beautiful. The tone of the stocking should match the color of the dress. However, in recent years, many are moving away from this rule. And yet, if the dress is a classic style, then, according to the rules of good taste, you should choose plain stockings or pantyhose. If you chose an air dress from flowing matter, then you can choose lace or fishnet tights. There are two main models of stockings – these are stockings with a belt and stockings on a silicone rubber band. The first especially like men, but stockings on a silicone rubber band are more convenient for the bride.

Another important element of the wedding dress is a garter. Garter can be decorated in any way – lace ribbon, beads, rhinestones or flowers. Of course, the garter is an optional part of the wedding bridal toilet, but many women still observe the tradition when the groom takes the garter off his bride and throws it to his unmarried friends.

These are the basic rules for choosing lingerie. There are no hard criteria, but most importantly, to make clothes look invisible, fully combined with the outfit and it was convenient for the bride.


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