How to choose an oil for eyelashes

How to choose an oil for eyelashes
Decorative cosmetics, even high-quality, can cause harm eyelashes. On their condition, also affect the characteristics of nutrition, lifestyle and other factors. Moreover, some ladies can not boast of lush long eyelashes simply because they were not endowed with such dignity by nature. But the situation can be corrected: it is recommended to use special oils to improve the growth of eyelashes.

Remember that natural oils can be allergic, so you should choose them carefully. If you know about individual intolerance of some funds, exclude them from the list. But in any case, first it is recommended to buy quite a bit of oil and apply it on the inside of the elbow bend to check for an allergic reaction.

Determine the main drawback of your eyelashes, which must be eliminated. It can be too short a length or a density, excessive loss of cilia, fragility, slow growth, etc. Having identified the main problems, you can choose the best means for their solution. If desired, you can mix several oils to achieve maximum effect, but do not forget to clarify whether they are compatible.

Choose castor oil if you need to make the eyelashes more dense. Use it no more than 4 once a week, applying a little oil with a special brush and leaving for 50-60 minutes. Rinse off the oil very carefully so that it does not get into your eyes.

If your eyelashes need extra nutrition and strength, use sea-buckthorn, olive or almond oil. These funds accelerate the growth of eyelashes, nourish them, make them more dense, soft and fluffy. Peach and burdock oils will help you cope with excessive brittleness and loss of eyelashes, strengthen them and make them longer.

Check the expiration date of the oil before you buy it. If in the store or pharmacy you were offered several different oils with expired shelf life, it is better to visit another store. Otherwise, there is a great risk that you will acquire a poor-quality product.

Покупая эфирные масла, помните о том, что они не продаются в пластиковых тарах и стоят довольно дорого. Обращайте внимание только на масла в стеклянных затемненных маленьких пузырьках, притом желательно приобретать их у проверенных продавцов.

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