How to choose an electric trimmer in 2018 year

How to choose an electric trimmer in 2018 year
Trimmer is an electric device for hair cutting and removal. Trimmer varieties are very many: there are universal trimmers that can cut hair and trim a beard, and eyebrows to pull out, there are very simple devices that perform one function, for example, remove hair from the nose and ears.

If possible, choose a trimmer with battery. Such a trimmer quickly charged, and then works without recharging for at least half an hour. You can safely use it in the bathroom, not thinking about how to stretch the cord to the nearest outlet.

If you travel a lot, choose a trimmer that switches to work under different voltages. In some countries, the voltage is different from the domestic 220 volts, but you do not want to trim your beard.

Learn how to masterfully master with trimmer not so easy, but if it fits comfortably in your hand, coping with unwanted hair will be much easier, so be sure to try in the store, how comfortable it is to keep different trim patterns.

Более дорогие устройства имеют регулировку скорости, они подойдут тем, кто хочет сделать себе какую-то особенную бороду с узорами, если же вы просто подравниваете щетину, вам подойдет самая простая модель.

Female trimmers are different from men's softer work, they will never leave a scratch on the female tender skin, so that choosing a trimmer для женщины, do not think that all models are the same, and a man's trimmer will suit women.

If you only need a trimmer to remove hair from the nose and ears, you can buy the device very cheaply, it will work from conventional batteries and will perform its functions perfectly. For such simple procedures you do not need an aggregate for several thousand rubles.

Very convenient trimmers with a charging indicator, choose exactly this, even if you have to overpay a little.

The quality of the trimmer blades is very important, because the purity and evenness of cutting the hair depends on them. The best trimmers have ceramic blades, they will not blunt for a very long time, but even such blades will have to be changed sometime, so make sure that you will have the opportunity to buy and insert new blades if necessary.

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