How to choose accessories for long hair

How to choose accessories for long hair
Long, beautiful, well-groomed hair can ennoble even the simplest face. However, very few people go loose strands, scattered on the shoulders. It is much better to collect them in a hairdo or stab, the benefit that for long hair there are many accessories.

Hair bandages will securely fix hair, will not let them fall on the forehead and close overview. You can choose a bandage for every taste, so that it will suit both the evening dress, and to a sports suit. In the winter girls They can pamper themselves with a warm hair bandage that will not let your ears freeze. Girls with a high forehead are wary to approach the choice of this accessory, because bandages visually increase the forehead. They prefer to give preference to thin bandages that are worn over the hair a little above the forehead line.

Обручи будут прекрасно смотреться с прямыми либо волнистыми длинными локонами. Можно взять обруч-невидимку в тон вашим волосам, а можно приобрести яркий широкий обруч, который сразу же будет бросаться в глаза и добавлять вашему образу насыщенности и эксцентричности. Если вы носите очки, то обруч можно выбрать в тон оправе.

Hairpins can be divided into three types. These are invisible, which can reliably fix the small elements of the hairstyle, a variety of crabs, with which you can collect hair in both a strict office hairstyle and informal. Also, they are decorative hairpins that do not hold their hair properly, and perform only the function of decorating their owners. Especially successfully the decorative hairpins look on asymmetrical hairstyles.

Часто встречаются на длинных волосах и резинки. К сожалению, на улицах часто можно встретить стильно одетых girls, whose hair is tied with a children's hair band. Therefore, when choosing this accessory, show imagination. Erasers are narrow, wide, of different colors and textures, with sewn embellishments.

Hairpin – an indispensable accessory, with which you can make a fashionable hairstyle bun. When choosing, remember that single hairpins sticks well on thin hair. If your hair is long and thick, you should choose a double or even a triple hairpin.

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